Outlook for aviation in 2023 - Business Extra

The industry is enjoying a return of demand and higher levels of activity, but risks remain

Outlook for aviation in 2023 - Business Extra

Outlook for aviation in 2023 - Business Extra

The global aviation industry will return to profit for the first time since 2019 as passenger demand continues to improve and Covid-19 related restrictions ease.

In the Middle East, airlines are also set to benefit from higher oil prices.

The optimistic forecast will depend on the impact of headwinds such as high jet fuel prices and reduced consumer spending amid an economic downturn.

After the conclusion of the International Air Transport Association conference in Geneva, Deena Kamel, The National's aviation correspondent, talks to host Mustafa Alrawi about the 12 months ahead.

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How was the aviation industry in 2022? (1min 30sec)

Outlook for 2023 (3m 16s)

What are the obstacles currently facing the industry? (6m 47s)

The friction between airline and airports (9m 40s)

What will drive airline demands in the Gulf in 2023? (15m 4s)


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Updated: January 10, 2023, 3:59 AM