Why cricket will not click in US

A reader believes that cricket will never gain popularity in the United States. Randy Brooks / AFP
A reader believes that cricket will never gain popularity in the United States. Randy Brooks / AFP

Cricket will never be embraced by Americans and Canadians (It’s not just cricket, August 31). Baseball is a vast improvement on cricket.

Lacrosse is extremely violent, which makes it fun to play and watch. It’s sad that its popularity has never gone global.

Owen Neale, Iraq

Things that will help Dubai fulfil its potential

To fulfil Dubai’s potential, it will take two key ingredients that must work in a cohesive manner – sound leadership and people with a passion to succeed (Sheikh Mohammed: fulfilling Dubai’s potential will require new ways of thinking, August 31).

Education will play a crucial role to develop a knowledge-based economy. Added to this would be continued partnership with organisations and people from the international environment, coupled with local participation and engagement of the youth.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

I admire Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid (Senior officials at Dubai Municipality ordered to retire, August 30).

He is energetic and works harder than ordinary people and believes in what is he doing.

I wish we had more Arab leaders like him, so that our region could be in a better shape.

Name withheld by request

An industry defined by drivel

I refer to Brett Debritz’s article, You won’t believe how much celebrity gossip is just made up, (August 24).

It is sad to think that the entire media industry is defined by drivel such as that published in some magazines.

It’s sadder still when they repeatedly target particular people. Lleyton and Bec Hewitt are a case in point.

Name withheld by request

Banks are doing the wrong thing

In reference to The Debt Panel: Dubai resident told to pay interest despite early credit card settlement (August 30), banks write their terms and conditions in such small print that they are almost impossible to read. They know the average person won’t read it all. That means most people blindly sign the documents and end up in trouble.

Shondale Jackson Pagano Galindo, Dubai

Looking forward to Tesla’s arrival

I read about Tesla’s latest technology innovation with great interest and excitement (The power of innovation, August 25).

As the UAE is a centre of innovation, I hope Tesla will come here soon.

We deserve to be able to choose to drive such great and green vehicles, contributing to the country’s environmental goals.

Elan Faabri, Dubai

Landlords evade responsibility

I fail to understand why a Dh40,000-plus utility bill should be shouldered by renters who are often not even aware of the problems in the buildings (Leaky buildings: Residents see high energy prices living in UAE’s older flats and villas, August 30).

Landlords own the buildings and should be held responsible for maintenance of the power and water infrastructure; making sure they are kept up to “code” (if there is such a thing).

Some landlords are cheap and refuse to spend money to maintain their properties and their renters are the victims.

Shouldn’t there be a legal mechanism for people to force the landlord to pay when utility bills skyrocket because of maintenance issues? The municipality has regulations in place to protect people against rent fraud and other nefarious dealings of landlords. They should also protect renters with regulations that make landlords responsible when problems with the property infrastructure cause excess wastage.

D Glass, Dubai

Published: August 31, 2016 04:00 AM


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