Toying with danger

Cracking down on hazardous playthings is crucial to ensure the safety of our children
National editorial

Toys that are banned elsewhere in the world often seem to find their way into our markets. As The National reported yesterday, 150 hazardous toys were seized last month by Dibba Municipality. These items that expand in water can endanger the health of our children.

Unfortunately, this is one of many instances of toxic, faulty or otherwise dangerous imports seemingly dumped on the UAE market. Last year, thousands of low-quality “hoverboards” made their way into this country despite tests showing that those gadgets could explode and burst into flames.

The UAE has strict laws to ensure toys are safe. It is vital that these laws are complied with and we support the efforts of all authorities charged with implementing them.

Unscrupulous businesses that import cheap and unsafe toys ought to face the consequences. Meanwhile, we hope that the search for bargains won’t deter parents from being extra careful in selecting toys for their children.