The schools report should be a wake-up call

Readers debate schools. Others topics: Ramadan and plastic bags

Readers debate the quality of private schools around the country. Ravindranath K / The National
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I am writing with regards to the report on private schools (Adec announces weak private schools banned from registering new pupils, May 30). I am happy that these schools will now have to face the reality of their performance.

I am especially concerned about the types of teachers that many schools hire because I feel that they select teachers according to whomever will accept the lowest wage. This is not a good way to select teachers for our schools.

Last week, I received an offer letter from one school but I was told that I would only be able to begin in September.

Before I could even consider the offer, the school told me that they will give the job to someone else. Given my qualifications, I can only assume that they found someone that would perform the tasks for a lower wage.

Marinna Anca, Dubai

Al Ain English, Global and Sunflower? Good and affordable options for schooling are decreasing.

Rolleareu Pretorius, Dubai

Bring back paper bags

I agree with the views of your readers regarding plastic bags (People should pay Dh1 for plastic bags in the UAE, says Green Sheikh, May 30).

Can we also do something about recycling plastic bottles please?

Leeson Shauna, Dubai

Supermarkets or grocery store staff get upset if customers insist on carrying their own bags for vegetables.

Prachiti Talathi, Dubai

Can supermarkets please use recycled paper bags for fruit and vegetables? Those plastic ones need to go.

Louise Halmkan Slantenburg, Dubai

It make me so angry when I see people putting just one item in a bag and then getting another to put just one item in.

Louise Millington, Abu Dhabi

We always pay at shops for paper or plastic bags when we do our shopping.

Mohammed Suhail, Dubai

The wild population of camels is down 50 per cent due to plastic bags.

Rjj Saraiva, Dubai

Does that mean that, instead of chewing gum, we will be given plastic bags in lieu of change the shops don’t have?

Simon Buckerfield, Dubai

I find over-packaging a huge problem. Bring back the brown paper bag.

Margaret Duce, Abu Dhabi

Brown paper bags are not as biodegradable as people think. The tax is a step forward.

Jane Rutherford, Abu Dhabi

The meaning of Ramadan

Ramadan is all about spirituality (The true meaning of the holy month, May 28). It is the month of fasting and recitation of the Holy Quran that was revealed during this auspicious month – the month of Tahajjud (night prayers) and Qiyam Al Lail (night vigils), Taraweeh prayers, Sadaqah (charity), Zakat Ul Fitr (alms giving) and so on. Also, it is the month of social activities among Muslims. During this time, the lifestyle of Muslims undergoes a dramatic change, with the nights wearing a festive look. The whole pattern of private and public life is transformed along with timings for schools, universities and the workplace in the Islamic world. The spiritual fervour of Ramadan supersedes all other activities throughout the year. No one can explain the happiness unless he seeks the blessings of this holy month day and night.

A Muslim, while fasting, experiences the aesthetic pleasure of Almighty Allah’s proximity and the joy of divine blessings. The feeling thus instils the willpower in the believers to lead a life of contentment, filled with Allah’s remembrance and ever responsive to his divine commandments.

A Muslim who fasts experiences feelings of great spirituality and a profound sense of exaltation. He is sure of himself and is confident of moving towards perfection, because he consciously musters all his senses to direct his willpower to serve and please his creator.

Fasting is not confined to one’s inner self alone, but it also has its social effects in influencing the community as an integrated whole. A fasting community enjoys all the benefits resulting from obedience to the Almighty. It is a society almost free of crime, jealousy, gossip and hatred.

A society that asserts its supremacy over the materialistic world and feels proud of its adherence to spiritual values. It is among the wonderful aspects of Islam. We wish all Muslims around the globe a blessed Ramadan.

Samaoen Osman, South Africa