Sheikha Hassa shows the way for all women

Readers congratulate Sheikha Hassa on her graduation. Ryan Carter / Crown Prince Court, Abu Dhabi
Readers congratulate Sheikha Hassa on her graduation. Ryan Carter / Crown Prince Court, Abu Dhabi

Letters to the Editor

It was great to read Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed’s daughter graduates from military school (August 17).

Many congratulations to Sheikha Hassa on this achievement that has made her parents and the entire nation proud.

It feels great to see women achieving new heights and creating a name and identity for themselves. She has surely inspired many others to follow suit.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

What an example to set for the nation. May Allah guide her and keep her safe and strong always.

Rose Malik, Dubai

In support of summer jobs

I agree with the arguments made in your editorial, A summer job opens door of opportunity (August 17).

The young generation must learn to work and use their skills in a proper way.

Sidra Kausary, Pakistan

What you wear doesn’t matter

Your editorial Dressed to fly? (August 16) caught my attention.

What to wear on a plane is purely the individual’s choice. Of course, they should bear in mind the dress code requirements of the destination port because once they arrive, they are subject to the law of that land.

People should be considerate towards others and realise that people’s choices will vary when it comes to travel attire. This depends on how they prioritise their needs – whether they want to dress formally or be comfortable.

For most passengers, hygiene and body odour are a bigger concern than the attire.

Aaron Pinto, Dubai

Sixteen hours on a plane dressed up sounds torturous – and yet I do this often.

If I flew first class, I’d just switch the jewellery from zero to pearls.

Kimberly Dezarn, Abu Dhabi

I don’t care what passengers wear or how much they dress up, as long as they behave – most importantly towards the crew.

Ken Wardani, Dubai

As long as they don’t stink, I don’t care what anyone wears.

Umar Rashid, India

Why cats, and mice, are cute

I enjoyed reading Brett Debritz’s article, Every dog has it day, but every day is cat day (August 17).The evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould wrote a paper about how the features of Mickey Mouse gradually became more juvenile over the decades.

It seems that people responded more to Mickey the cuter he got, and cuteness is inversely proportional to age. This is related to the point Debritz made about humans loving cats according to the size of their eyes relative to their heads.Apparently it applies to most mammals – the higher the relative size of the eyes to the size of the head, and the size of the head to the size of body, the more we are conditioned to instinctively want to love and take care of them. This is only one reason why my wife and I are huge cat lovers.

Donovan Hattingh, Abu Dhabi

My cat brings a smile to my face every day.

Maryam Mihalache, Romania

Venice flights are welcome

Etihad Airways to start daily flights from Abu Dhabi to Venice (August 17) is brilliant news.I can arrange to meet my husband there; it’s his all-time favourite place.

S Dufy, US

Some doctors are insensitive

I can empathise with some of the patients referred to in Sharjah hospital’s zero tolerance against unruly patients (August 17).Doctors at some hospitals are rude, ill-mannered, inefficient and careless.

They are often unavailable to the patient. You have to inform the nurses, but they are too terrified to call the doctors.Also, hospital room charges are always very high.

Name withheld by request

Togetherness makes a home

In her column, Rym Ghazal asks Is home where you are, or where you want to be? (August 18). Home is where my heart is, and since I gave mine to my wife it means I’m home when we’re together.

Giles Heaton, Dubai

Published: August 18, 2016 04:00 AM


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