Readers don't think superbus is all that super

And they don't want a ride.

The news article Abu Dhabi to Dubai in 30 minutes (March 1) reported on a prototype for a "Superbus" that is 15 metres long and can travel at a top speed of 250kph. I'd like to see that thing work its way around the inner city roads here. Give it about 10 minutes before it's caused a traffic jam.
Andy P, Abu Dhabi
We don't need a Superbus. All that we need for sure is a super high-speed rail system based on superconducting material technology. We don't need to have such a bus where it could serve a maximum of up to 25 passengers. Even if it could take 50 passengers, it's not comparable to a high speed rail system that can serve up to thousands of people.
Hamad Alyahyaei, Dubai
Oh great. Someone else trying to do 250kph on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai road - as if we haven't got enough of them already.
Chas Scoobs, Abu Dhabi