Who needs Clooney when you can have Akshay?

Our readers have their say about Bollywood earnings, exam results, Elon Musk and Imran Khan

Akshay Kumar and Soonam Kapoor in Pad Man. Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment, India
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I write in reference to your article Two of Bollywood's leading men make the Forbes list of highest-paid actors (August 24): Felicity Campbell's article was nice to read.

The recent revelation that the popular Forbes magazine's list of highest-earning actors is topped by two Bollywood actors, Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan – who are followed by Hollywood actor George Clooney – is an illustration of their talent as well their immense popularity among their fans.

Both movie stars are extremely versatile and have shown their mettle in the many films in which they have starred. This is good news for their fans.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Congratulations to our pupils for their excellent results

Al Ain English Speaking School is proud to celebrate yet again another set of fantastic results in its recent examination series.

Last week we celebrated a 99 per cent pass rate at A level with 21 per cent of students achieving a grade of A* or A. And now we are celebrating a fantastic set of GCSE results.

Our congratulations specifically go to Ghayth Aldirbashi for achieving seven A* grades and Sameer Shaik for achieving six A* grades and an AS in mathematics, sitting it one year early.

We are also delighted to see 38 per cent of students achieving an A* or A grade in their subjects.

The wonderful results are not surprising considering the dedication of our staff and the hard work and effort that our students have shown this year.

Indeed, I will not be surprised if, like last year, some of our students achieved the very top scores among their peers in particular subjects.

Andrew Thomas, principal, Al Ain English Speaking School

Where will the antics of Tesla’s Elon Musk end?

I write in reference to your online article Musk makes U-turn and decides to keep Tesla public (August 25): it is only a matter of time until Elon Musk builds himself an underwater lair and disappears from public life.

Name withheld by request

Imran Khan is right to lead by example and cut expenses

In reference to your article The austerity prime minister leads by example (August 21), Imran Khan is wise to slash the expenditure of the prime minister's office and residence. This is the way leaders should behave in developing nations, where every cent counts.

Luxurious living in colonial splendour should be a thing of the past in places where people are suffering and the divide between rich and poor is widening. It shatters the economy and forces countries to ask for loans.

Name withheld by request