Welcome call to ban fat-shaming television presenter

Reham Saeed's controversial comments have not been well received. YouTube / AlHayah TV Network
Reham Saeed's controversial comments have not been well received. YouTube / AlHayah TV Network

I write to you in reference to Farah Andrews’ piece Egyptian presenter Reham Saeed banned from broadcasting for one year following ‘fat shaming’ scandal (September 1).

This is a good decision. Individuals, particularly those working on public platforms looking down on larger people, clearly have issues. Some of us actually suffer from disorders, so we do not have a choice. And yet, we provide for our families. So how are we a burden when we are the ones providing? What shallow people walk this earth.

Elize van Wyk, UAE

I have no clue who this presenter is, but her video is completely unacceptable. Even though I believe in freedom of speech, there should be a limit to what one can say. I am so happy to read about the decision to ban her.

Maria Margossian, Dubai

Good to see electronic tagging for prisoners is working

I write to you in reference to Ruba Haza’s piece RAK prisoner allowed to take son to school for first day of term (September 2).

I live in the United States where there has been electronic tagging as long as I can remember. It is used for non-violent offenders as a means to ensure they are under house arrest. It is nice to see this is helping in the region.

Judy Garelli, US

Talks still the best option to bring about peace in Afghanistan

I write to you in reference to your editorial piece Afghan talks must be followed by real commitment to peace (September 1).

The negotiations between the United States and the Taliban should continue for the sake of the people of Afghanistan – even as there is a need to stop insurgents from making any more inroads into the country. The US-led invasion in 2001 may not have brought peace to the region, but one hopes the talks will help.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Reduced competition always means increased prices

I write to you in reference to the piece Dubai halts Uber X and Careem’s Go ride options (September 1).

It is sad to see the Uber X and Careem Go ride options have been halted in Dubai. This will only mean consumers have to pay higher fares, which is not in their interests. This was bound to happen following Uber’s acquisition of Careem, because reduced competition usually means increase in prices.

Name withheld on request

This means the best way to get around town is to ride on the Dubai Metro.

Name withheld on request

Published: September 2, 2019 07:46 PM


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