Thorough investigation into Dubai fire is needed

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DUBAI , UNITED ARAB EMIRATES , AUG 5 – 2017 :- Damaged portion of the Torch Tower because of fire in the early hours of Friday morning at Dubai Marina in Dubai. ( Pawan Singh / The National )
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A thorough investigation needs to be conducted into all fire-related incidents (Torch tower blaze: clean up begins after fire in Dubai Marina, August 4). I hope the residents are safe.

Arif Khan, Dubai

Those who supplied the cladding material for the building must be brought to book. The building got a makeover after the 2015 fire. I think the material supplied at that time did not meet the standards. Frequent incidents like this will tarnish the image of Dubai. Strict and decisive action must be taken immediately.

Name withheld by request

Abu Dhabi needs more places where people can walk

I enjoyed reading the article Walking in Abu Dhabi: a matter of life and death?(August 6). I lived in Abu Dhabi from 1970 to 1983. Back then, the Corniche was the only place where you could walk for kilometres on end.

Majid Goussous, Dubai

British politicians ought to be held accountable for their actions

I am writing in reference to HA Hellyer's opinion piece Britain must deal with the shadows of the Iraq war (August 2). If Britain's government is going to continue to allow its forces to be dragged through the courts even 20, 30, 40 years on and be prosecuted, then the country's politicians and enemies of the state should also continue to be taken to court for justice.

Dave Pryce, Abu Dhabi

Emiratis must be encouraged to tell people about their culture

Why don't Emiratis work as cultural teachers in all educational organisations (UAE's new expat teachers given a education in Emirati culture, August 4)? What's the logic of training expatriates to train expatriates? I'm sure a lot of anxious Emiratis who are unemployed would be thrilled at this opportunity. Why only restrict them for HR to supervisory jobs? Let them spread their culture.

Khurram Takkhar, Abu Dhabi

Gulf states must actively try to stop Iran’s domination of Iraq

Your article Why time was right for Iraq and Saudi Arabia to focus on common enemies(August 4) was excellent. In my opinion, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States are well served to actively identify and reach out to influential Iraqi Shia leaders willing to resist Iran's domination of Iraq.

DT Debye, Dubai