Teamwork in a football crisis

Our readers have their say on football and team dynamics, nature being good for inmates and the first female Arab-American racer
FILE - In this file photo dated Saturday, June 12, 2021, Denmark's Joakim Maehle reacts as Denmark's Christian Eriksen lies on the pitch after collapsing during the Euro 2020 soccer championship group B match against Finland at Parken stadium in Copenhagen.  Christian Eriksen has been discharged from the hospital nearly a week after collapsing on the field during a Euro 2020 soccer match, according to a statement from Danish soccer federation Friday June 18, 2021. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner, FILE)

With reference to The National Editorial Eriksen shows us football is about players, not politics (June 14): When Christian Eriksen suddenly collapsed on the ground during the Euro match between Denmark and Finland, football fans around the world skipped a beat. A fit and healthy young man suddenly collapsed without any warning signs. The news shocked the world already distressed from the pandemic. The attacking midfielder, who plays for Inter Milan, needed CPR in front of his teammates and opponents to get his heart beating again. Players undergo medical checks before playing at the international level. Sudden cardiac incidents are not new and arrhythmias are reported in sportspersons who have collapsed suddenly during matches. Though no cause was identified to why Eriksen collapsed, it is a big relief for everyone that he is stable now. The visibly shaken Danish teammates, who didn't know if they lost their dear friend, lost the game, but won the hearts of millions by helping their teammate come back to life.

A well co-ordinated team effort lead by the Denmark captain Simon Kjaer who was the first responder who initiated CPR before the medics took over may well have saved Eriksen's life.

Referee Anthony Taylor was quick to stop the match and call the medics. His distressed teammates managed a protective ring around him offering privacy from the fans while the medics did their job. They even managed to console Eriksen’s partner.

The football world can argue whether it was appropriate to restart the game, but team dynamics helped the situation. The players discipline was evident. Their behaviour in knowing their roles and responsibilities during the crisis was remarkable and their captain displayed leadership qualities. Rapid and co-ordinated response to a crisis is extremely important. This incident is a perfect example of saving lives if we work together. It was a day when humanity won.

Dr Praveen Sreekanthalal, Abu Dhabi

Nature is important for prison inmates

With reference to your video on Facebook about Dubai inmates looking after organic farms in the jail compound (June 22): what a wonderful idea. This is a great way to help transform convicts into responsible citizens. Every police force in the world should encourage such initiatives and help inmates along on the path to reformation so they can get another chance to contribute to society.

Sumit Kumar Mishra, Jharkand, India

First female Arab-American driver

With reference to Selina Denman's report Nascar's first female Arab-American driver Toni Breidinger on overcoming obstacles: 'I have been treated differently' (June 20): wishing her the very best of luck. Remember, when you have your helmet on, you are just another driver. The critics won't matter.

Mick Shepard, Warwickshire, UK

I’ve seen her race. I wish her well in a very male sport.

Debi Casner, Texas, US