Rohingya issue must be raised and resolved by world leaders in UN

Our readers have their say about the Rohingya crisis and Greta Thunberg's passionate speech at the UN

(FILES) In this file photo taken on April 25, 2018, taken from Maungdaw district, Myanmar's Rakhine state on April 25, 2018 shows Rohingya refugees gathering behind a barbed-wire fence in a temporary settlement setup in a "no man's land" border zone between Myanmar and Bangladesh. Around 600,000 Rohingya Muslims remaining in Myanmar face a "serious risk of genocide", UN investigators said on September 16, 2019, warning the repatriation of a million of the minority already driven out of the country by the army remains "impossible". / AFP / Ye Aung THU
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Regarding your coverage of the 74th United Nations General Assembly in New York, we have high hopes of a lasting solution to the Rohingya genocide. We are very worried about the forced repatriation of Rohingya from Cox's Bazar refugee camps, a breach of international laws that will not resolve their plight. The solution involves tackling the root cause, which is genocide.

The genocide is still ongoing and increases the vulnerability to human trafficking and exploitation.

We welcome the resolution adopted by the European Parliament regarding the Rohingya. The comprehensive arms embargo on Myanmar, targeted sanctions against perpetrators and referral to the International Criminal Court must be implemented without delay to save the remaining Rohingya in Myanmar.

We hope Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad will continue to highlight our plight. The support from Malaysia and other countries is crucial in ending the genocide.

We appeal to the UN and world leaders to exercise the laws that they created for the wellbeing of people on Earth. The UN must stop conflict, war and genocide as it was the purpose of its establishment and must be the top priority. The failure of the UN to do so in the 21st century contradicts the purpose of the institution itself. If conflict and war are prevented, resources could be channelled towards protecting the Earth in the name of climate action instead.

Zafar Ahmad bin Abdul Ghani, president, Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organisation Malaysia

I wish politicians had the courage shown by Greta Thunberg

I write to you in reference to Nick Webster's article UAE minister says nation's youth can be inspired by Greta Thunberg (September 24).

Where was Brazil’s representative when the rest of the world was present at the UN climate summit discussing how to save the Amazon rainforest? The Bolsonaro administration has shown no commitment whatsoever to the environmental cause. It is engaged in uttering hostilities and spreading intolerance. And there is little transparency in the way it functions.

Marco Vinicio, Rio de Janeiro

Hazza Al Mansouri’s visit to space is a time of great national pride

I write to you in reference to your coverage of Hazza Al Mansouri's visit to space (September 25): this is a time of great national pride. Good luck space warrior!

Shirley Reynolds, Glasgow