Long-term residents in the UAE especially have a lot to be grateful for

Our readers have their say on the UAE residents' reaction to the gas discovery, a lit fest, Indian politics and Thailand deaths

The Sharjah National Oil Corporation and its Italian partner ENI, have announced a successful new discovery of natural gas and condensate onshore at the Mahani field in Sharjah. The discovery of at Mahani-1 exploration well with flow rates of up to 50 million standard cubic feet per day comes within the first year of the partnership and represents the first onshore discovery of gas in the Emirate since the early 1980’s. Mahani-1 well was drilled at a total depth of 14,597 feet, which resulted in the discovery of gas with the associated capacitors in the formation of the Thumama. The size of the discovery will be estimated in time in light of expectations for further evaluation and development. Courtesy: Sharjah Government Media Bureau
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With reference to Jennifer Gnana's piece Why Sharjah's new gas find matters (January 29): the gas finding was great news. Expatriates in the UAE shared the happiness with families back home as they realised this will be the beginning of a  new progressive era.

Some families habitually pray for the UAE and its rulers. This young country has enabled millions of families around the world to progress. It is one of the most compassionate nations, ever quick to extend a helping hand and humanitarian support wherever calamity strikes, without expecting anything in return.

Residents learn and carry these values back when they return to their home countries.

As a satisfied resident of this country for close to half a century, I often ask fellow residents if their lifestyles improved living in the UAE and I have only ever received answers that are variants of “this country has given me only blessings and progress”. Many feel the gas finding is god’s gift to this nation.

I wish this country all the progress.

K V Shamsudheen, Sharjah

In India, the economy should be the focus 

In reference to the article by Taniya Datta Citizenship law protests: two months on, India's ideological struggle continues (February 4): it is unfortunate that recent legislation like the citizenship bill is threatening to partition the hearts and souls of Indians. India was founded as a secular country where people of all religions and communities worked and flourished. We should preserve this legacy for the common good. The Indian economy is gasping for breath. It should be the focus.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai 

A pleasure to attend a well-organised festival 

Regarding Saeed Saeed's piece Hazza Al Mansouri on why Emirati food tastes different in space (February 8): I was so impressed with the organisation at the Emirates Literature Festival this year. Everything was as smooth as clockwork, lots of people to assist and show us where to go and who was where. I listened to Chris Bonnington who was amazing and inspirational. Well done, organisers. Nice to go to a well run and pleasurable event.

Lorraine Ludman, Dubai

Another shooting, another reminder of life's fleeting nature

In reference to your report Thailand: soldier reportedly dead after killing at least 26 people in shopping mall (February 8): the motive of the soldier should be probed. There are no guarantees in life. One can't know what might happen from one second to the next and this tragedy is another example. I pray for the families of the departed.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru