Imran Khan moves and speaks like a movie star

Readers discuss Imran Khan's wedding, Indian mobs, Afrin and the funeral of young Dana

Imran Khan addresses a political rally in Peshawar in 2013. A Majeed / AFP
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I refer to your article Third times a charm? Pakistan cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan marries again (February 19). I wish Mr Khan joy in this partnership. He has the status of a rock star in Pakistan, where I heard him speak at a meeting in 2014. He came in a simple white shalwar-kameez, a pair of traditional Peshawari shoes and a black jacket - exactly as he is dressed in his wedding picture. The packed hall of about 900 people exploded into thunderous cheers. Young boys and girls jumped up with excitement, thumped their tables and filled the air with whistles. The welcome befitted a movie star.

He moved to the stage and began speaking clearly and simply, in elegant Urdu; every member of the audience could understand him. His thoughts were crystal clear; he stood for a multi-cultural and secular framework, believed in a corruption-free society, condemned the attacks on minorities and their places of worship and had faith in the young and rapid economic development.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Al Ain's compassion was moving

In reference to your online article Thousands in Al Ain flock to heartbreaking funeral of girl, 14, after parents unable to attend (February 20), I am amazed by people's reaction to the viral calls to attend the funeral. The young girl did not know any of those 3,000 attendees who showed up to remember her at her funeral but all of them considered themselves Dana's family and friends. Rest in peace, Dana.

Aballah Mohammad, Abu Dhabi

Swift justice is needed in India

I write in reference to your story India mob drags suspected child killers from police station and beats them to death (February 20). This tragic incident happened in India's north eastern state and the mobs took the law into their hands, punishing the suspected killers. On the one hand, this incident should be rightly condemned and on the other hand it should be noted that the mobs are getting angry because the Indian judicial system is very slow to punish offenders. Frustration and mental agony are the main factors that account for this act. Judgment should come quicker so that mobs won't act like this.

K.Ragavan, Bangalore

Actions in Afrin have wider consequences

I write in reference to your article, Erdogan says Turkey will 'lay siege' to Afrin  (February 20). This is going to be a dangerous move that may well widen the conflict zone. Syria should consider some peace now and take steps to avoid the further bloodshed of its own people. Bashar Al Assad must not bow to his friends who wish to continue this fighting for their own vested interest. Syrian lives matter too much for that.

Name withheld by request