High time that the non-white actors voice the non-white roles

Apu, an Indian character in 'The Simpsons', has been the source of controversy for years over its racial stereotyping. AP
Apu, an Indian character in 'The Simpsons', has been the source of controversy for years over its racial stereotyping. AP

With reference to Razmig Bedirian's report 'The Simpsons' to stop using white actors to voice non-white characters (June 27): I have always wondered why they make actors do accents. Why not just use an actor who naturally has the required accent?

Elisabeth Kendall, Dubai

If the new actors are going to play the roles with an accent then it does not make a difference.

Nagi A, New York City, US

Global coronavirus cases pass 10 million

With reference to the report on your live blog Coronavirus live: Global cases on the cusp of passing 10 million (28 June): the pandemic is frightening in its proliferation even after sustained lockdowns. The US, Brazil and India are witnessing sharp spikes in daily numbers. Yet, economies have had to open for people to make a living.

Even when lockdowns are lifted, countries like India and Brazil should consider a curfew over the weekends to control the disease. Governments in countries like India and Brazil should continue expanding the medical facilities in terms of beds and intensive care units. All countries should agree with the World Health Organisation on the protocol of medicines to treat Covid-19. And all citizens should realise that it is up to us now, to use masks and practise social distancing, to avoid the disease till a vaccine is found. Finally, testing should be intensified in all countries, particularly in crowded cities.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

People in two minds about whether to go to the gym

Regarding the report Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi allows gyms to reopen (June 27): this is welcome news. But it is not going to be easy to train in masks and gloves.

Viktoria Sych, Abu Dhabi

In gyms in Dubai you don’t need to wear a mask for cardiovascular exercises.

Matt Edwards, Dubai

The gym is probably one of the more difficult places to keep adequately sanitised. I think I will wait a while longer.

Name withheld on request

UAE has sent more aid to Iran to help contain the virus

With reference to Anam Rizvi's article Coronavirus: UAE sends 16 metric tonnes of aid to medics in Iran (June 27): this is the sort of news I love to read.

Nsubuga Richard, Kampala, Uganda

This is an amazing gesture and it shows the maturity of the UAE.

Louay Al Samarrai, Dubai

Published: June 29, 2020 08:00 AM


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