Encourage children to pick up crayons and a piece of paper

Our readers have their say on how the arts could help children deal with the virus, vaccine trials and the UAE's recoveries

epa08711565 A Sri Lankan child colors a painting during a World Children's Day program in Colombo, Sri Lanka, 01 October 2020. Sri Lanka annually celebrates the World Children's Day on October 1.  EPA/CHAMILA KARUNARATHNE
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Regarding Nick Webster's report Coronavirus: Inside a Dubai nursery preparing for a safe reopening amid challenges of Covid-19 (October 13): Covid-19 is still spreading across the world and affecting all of us. The arts can provide relief. Painting can be useful to boost morale and have a positive affect on behaviour. This could be especially helpful to children. At any age, in every country, children love painting. Give a child a sheet of paper, a pencil or crayons and the child will draw a tree, a house, a cloud – whatever catches their imagination.

Governments and schools could initiate drawing competitions for all schoolchildren with the theme of, for example, masks or social distancing. The children could paint images that most resonate with them and further internalise precautions to fight Covid-19. Parents guiding them will themselves become more alert to the virus. Perhaps schools could give prizes to the best paintings. The best drawings could even be compiled and printed as a book.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

UAE's diverse ethnicities a boon for vaccine trails

With reference to the editorial What makes the UAE such a good place to test vaccines? (October 14): the UAE has a unique ethnic diversity. It is difficult to find elsewhere. Vaccines can have different reactions based on gender, ethnicity, and age. Testing in the UAE offers a diverse pool of volunteers. This negates issues with previous vaccines elsewhere in the world that may not have been properly tested on minorities and were therefore presenting in volunteers with unexpected adverse reactions.

Ela Jayne, Abu Dhabi

A well-articulated point of view

With reference to Ed Husain's op-ed The far left is trying to hijack Muslim minds in the West (October 13): this was a great article. Hats off to author Ed Husain. You nailed it.

Frank Johansen, Centerport, New York

Keep the number of recoveries in mind too

With reference to the update on the coronavirus blog Coronavirus live: UAE reports new daily high of 1,431 cases after 103,132 tests (October 14): the number of active cases is decreasing. A month ago it was around 10,000 and now it's around 8600. Yes, there are more daily cases but also more recoveries.

Charbel Kosseify, Dubai

Trials going wrong is par for the course

Regarding the report Johnson & Johnson halts coronavirus vaccine trial after unexplained illness (October 13): That's a good thing. This is what trials are for. Hopefully one of the other vaccines being tested will have better results.

Neil Squibs Younger, Abu Dhabi