Despite the increase in cases, the UAE's doing it correctly

Our readers have their say on vaccines, Joe Biden's inauguration and the supply of fish
AJMAN, 1st November, 2020 (WAM) -- Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, President of the UAE Football Association, UAEFA, has received the COVID-19 vaccine. Wam

With regard to the report Coronavirus latest: UAE reports new daily high of 3,362 cases (January 13): despite the increase, the UAE is obviously doing something right as the situation is much better than in the rest of the world. We have to keep helping each other, respecting members of the healthcare community, isolating, staying safe and counting our blessings. Let's continue to appreciate all that we have, care for one other and respect one another.

Gillian Prestwood, Abu Dhabi

Countries can vaccinate at shopping malls if need be

With reference to the report Pope Francis calls opposition to Covid vaccines 'suicidal denial' (January 10): every segment of society across the world should contribute to the vaccination drive. The roll-out of the vaccines in various countries is an opportunity to the retail trade to contribute to the marathon task of vaccinating millions of citizens. If space is a problem in some of the more densely populated cities, shopping malls can be converted into health centres. There is ample space in food courts and play areas. These can be used to set up inoculation kiosks. It will be possible to maintain social distancing while waiting for the jabs. The faster the world gets vaccinated, the more rapidly we can return to normality.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Restaurants feel the pinch of the dip in fish supply

Regarding Simon Rushton's report Trawler that catches one tenth of Britain's chip-shop fish excluded from richest waters (January 12): as the one of the owners of the fish and chips shop The Chippy, we can tell you that it's not easy to maintain the supply at present.

Robert Bradley, Abu Dhabi

May Joe Biden's inauguration go off smoothly

With reference to Hussein Ibish's op-ed US Capitol fiasco raises serious questions about Trump's collusion (January 10): the attack last week on the US Capitol was shocking. Despite people who say it should have been no surprise and Americans could have seen it coming, nobody could have anticipated this kind of chaos in Washington. The supporters of Donald Trump who stormed the building made a mockery of democracy and that was sad to watch. Let's hope the January 20 inauguration goes off smoothly and the new administration is sworn in without incident. Joe Biden's team has a lot on its plate and must urgently address the multiple crises facing Americans, mainly the pandemic and the economy, but also bringing to book the perpetuators of the Capitol violence. Donald Trump must pave the way for a smooth handover of power.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India