Abu Dhabi's old buildings can take you down memory lane

Our readers have their say on the nostalgia that architecture can invoke, homeschooling and looking after yourself


Al Bateen Mall, with its dramatic flying canopies, is one of the iconic architecture structures in Abu Dhabi. 

(Photo by Reem Mohammed/The National)

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With regard to Anna Zacharias's article How Abu Dhabi was built: a tale told through its multicultural architecture (May 4): thanks for reminding me of these buildings and of my golden days, a childhood spent well.
Mustafa Hurr, Abu Dhabi

Parents are not trained teachers or all fans of home schooling
I write to you regarding Anam Rizvi's report Parents in UAE switch to online schools and home education as distance learning continues  (May 4): I am a frequent reader of The National, resident in UAE, from Europe and with two children in a private school here. The period of home schooling should not to be glorified but described in an objective way. Parents who choose home schooling as a voluntarily alternative are not representative of the rest of us who make the choice of what the article calls brick-and-mortar schools.

We are more than pleased with our choice of school and wish nothing other than our children were back with their friends and professional staff. The learning is not as good at home as we are parents, not trained teachers and the social isolation is devastating.

The article in today's paper should have a follow up covering all the other consequences that enforced home schooling has on children and parents.

Patrik S, Abu Dhabi

Health issues are not all symptomatic of Covid-19

Thank you for your editorial Coronavirus: There is new hope for treatments (May 3): while I follow with great interest the daily updates on Covid-19 across the world, one must also listen to the body and not ignore other symptoms. Make sure pre-existing medical conditions, if any, are under control.

We must remain mindful of chest pains, headaches, unexplained heartburn, unintentional weight loss. Not all symptoms are due to Covid 19. Make use of technology, eHealth, tele-consultation, virtual clinics and reach out if you need help. Don't suffer in silence.
While most of us stay indoors, take time to look after your heath. Exercise for 30 minutes everyday at home, drink enough water, play with the children, look after your elders, donate, feed the poor, read a book, learn a new skill, try to be happy. Call that friend you have been thinking of calling for years but told yourself you never had the time. Happiness is a state of mind and a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

Dr Ashwini Kumar Banerjee, Manchester, UK

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