Are flexible hours the answer to traffic snarls?

Our readers have their say on reducing the number of cars on Dubai roads, the US's conditional support for Israel and how Emirates Airline managed the storm

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With regard to Nick Webster and Salam Al Amiri's report Dubai to push for flexible working and school bus fleets to reduce traffic (May 9): Bus fees in private schools are very high for some families, forcing parents to drop their children to school, adding to the traffic. Maybe authorities can fix a reasonable price for fees so that all can afford the opportunity.

Sara Crossley, Dubai

My daughter's pick-up time is 5:50am. It's unfair on the children. She reaches home at 3:45pm. That's a long day for young children. Flexible hours at schools would really help.

AB, Dubai

America's new conditional support for Israel

With regard to Sara Ruthven and Thomas Watkins's report US will stop sending weapons to Israel if it launches Rafah invasion, Biden says (May 9): It's all very well to say now. But it doesn't explain why the US has been sending bombs to Israel in the first place.

Kaya Scott, Dubai

How many "ifs" can the US attach to conditions for peace. The people of Gaza have had enough.

Marwan M, New Jersey

This is insanity. These statements are being made as if to imply there isn't already enough misery in Rafah. The US must stop supplying Israel with weapons without conditions.

Anaisa H, Beirut

The US will stop sending bombs but it's alright to send warships? With all the money that is given to Israel, it's clear the US is continuing to fund this war machine. It should really give up talking about human rights.

Omar N, Texas

What is Biden even talking about? One minute he's saying something else and the next minute it's something else. The country is an embarrassment. Both the previous government and this one are making many US residents ashamed.

Nikoletta Skarlatos, California

People in Gaza are paying the price for Joe Biden playing good cop, bad cop with Benjamin Netanyahu.

Zahed Asif Khan, Lahore

A lesson in crisis management

With regard to Deena Kamel's report 'It cost a lot. It was really tough': Sheikh Ahmed on how Emirates tackled UAE storm (May 8): Hats off to Sheikh Ahmed and the entire Emirates team for pulling through so well during a tough week.

Neel Shukla, Dubai

I respect that the airline crew worked round the clock. They made the best alternate arrangements possible during conditions that impeded normal flight operations. The rain was unlike anything the country had seen recently.

Cathrin Odeya, Dubai

Published: May 10, 2024, 3:00 AM