Pakistan's T20 win was a class act

Our readers have their say on Emirati dads, a Japanese princess marrying for love, the drug Captagon and Pakistan's T20 win over India

With reference to Paul Radley's report T20 World Cup: Pakistan stun India in Dubai as Mohammed Rizwan and Babar Azam sparkle (October 24): let us stay humble and learn from our mistakes. Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri could have pushed Ashwin, a world class bowler and a match winner, up the order. Giving up pride and arrogance is a sign of good captaincy. Heart-to-heart communication with the team and repair work can help in future matches. Let us congratulate Pakistan for their brilliant play.

Ignatius Jacob, London, UK

It looked like one team played with heart and the other with arrogance. Heart won out.

Wayne Hough, Mandurah, Australia

Well done, Pakistan. Nice to see the underdogs beat the favourites.

Ronald Saacks, Cape Town, South Africa

Pakistan played powerfully – what a masterclass in batting and patience. They will be the team to beat in this world cup. Can already see the influence of Matt Hayden and Big Vern. Keep it up, boys.

Charles Gilbert, Gauteng, South Africa

The war on drugs is universal

With regard to Nilanjana Gupta's report How Dubai Customs agents foil attempts to smuggle Captagon (October 25): authorities around the world must tighten laws against drug traffickers. These criminals harm society because of easy money. Countries must consistently track networks and clandestine laboratory operations. To protect young people from falling prey to drug dealers, schools must educate pupils about the dangers of addiction. The world needs to fight the drug curse together.

Vega Renghen, Curepipe, Mauritius

We need our fathers

With reference to Georgia Tolley's report 'Emirati Dads' exhibition at Expo 2020 shines spotlight on shared parenting (October 26): children need their fathers just like they do their mothers. And it gives us mothers a small break when dads spend time with the children.

Nadia Sarai Glasscock, Georgia, US

What could be better and more beautiful than harmony in a family. And it is both, the mother and the father, who make that happen. Congratulations on the exhibition.

Marcela Tiuca, Abu Dhabi

A vow for love over money

With reference to the report Japan’s Princess Mako loses royal status after marrying commoner (October 26): declining the $1.2 million dowry that she was entitled to after leaving the palace, she shows the world money isn't everything.

Salieu Zaal, Banjul, Gambia

That's true love – leaving all the freebies, title and privilege to be with the one she loves.

Leen L, Boracay, Philippines

Published: October 28th 2021, 2:30 AM