Coffee on wheels is a great idea

Our readers have their say on women entrepreneurs, a grandma who got her college degree, David Amess, Covid shots and a baby named after a hospital

I am writing to you about Kamal Tabikha's article Egyptian entrepreneurs escape daily grind to brew success with cars converted to cafes (October 16): it's a nice concept. She's organised her set-up quite well, too. If a regularised start-up opportunity is given to dreaming restauranteurs to set up affordable, clean and hygienic "meals on wheels" in a safe and organised manner at allocated drive-by spots during peak season, it might as well become a trend. Well done to the lady.

EMR, Dubai

Salute to a grandmother, now a graduate

With reference to Suhail Akram's video Palestinian grandmother earns her college degree at 85 (October 18): what a wonderful achievement. Well done to this lady and God bless her.

Tai Feliua'i Maene, Wellington, New Zealand

Where there is a will, there is a way. She has proved there is no time limit to study and to be successful. She had the determination, despite her age. She is an example to follow and deserves our noble salute.

Vega Renghen, Curepipe, Mauritius

A lucky baby named Cleveland

With regard to Shireena Al Nowais's article Pregnant woman with Covid names baby after Abu Dhabi hospital that saved their lives (October 17): she and her son are very lucky that they are living in the UAE where medical and health services are advanced and available. Thank you, Abu Dhabi.

Cora Delgado, Abu Dhabi

A moment of silence for David Amess

With reference to the report by Georgina Stubbs UK politicians hold a minute's silence for Sir David Amess in the House of Commons (October 18): heart-warming to see the unity on display. I shed a tear for David Amess and for the MPs all coming together in a brave stance for democracy.

Daniel Chantry, Dorking, England

Covid shot or flu shot or both?

In reference to Shireena Al Nowais's piece Covid-19 or flu? UAE doctor says patients should be tested for both (October 17): I find it interesting that, while PCRs are widely regarded as the gold standard for detecting Sars-CoV-2, studies show the results can be inaccurate if the test is done within three days of exposure. I wonder why for certain countries, for example, in the Indian subcontinent, the safety protocol demands that PCR tests are done six hours prior to a flight, and then immediately upon landing. Would be interesting to know whether it should be paced out instead, like the UK did – say, on day two or five, on those lines.

Monika Arora Agarwal, Dubai

Congratulations to Bill Gates's daughter and son-in-law

With regard to Sophie Prideaux's piece Bill Gates' daughter Jennifer marries Egyptian fiance Nayel Nassar in New York (October 18): I'm happy for them. God bless the couple with a successful marriage.

Sumaira Ali, Toronto, Canada

Published: October 21st 2021, 2:45 AM