Disability can't pose a hurdle to success

A reader praises Mahra Ali Al Dhaheri's perseverance and determiniation. Other topics: working mothers, school transport, fake goods

Women such as Mahra Al Dhaheri prove that nothing is impossible to achieve, a reader says.  Delores Johnson / The National
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Disability is no bar to success (Blind Emirati career woman is unstoppable, September 4). It is the determination and will power of Mahra Ali Al Dhaheri that has helped her achieve these great heights in her career. Women like her are an inspiration to others as they prove that nothing is impossible to achieve if one puts one's heart and mind into it. Ms Al Dhaheri has made the entire nation proud.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

Pay attention to your family

Emirati mothers need to look at working mothers in the West to recognise the mistakes they have made (Working mothers call on UAE companies to be more flexible, September 5). They say they work harder and longer to give their children a better future, but in the process they made many mistakes. They allowed nannies to raise their children and depended on programmes on aftercare. They let video games and internet become constant companions and left their children feeling as if they were not important enough.

Companies need to accommodate the mothers’ first responsibility to their family. I am lucky that part of my job was in health care and within the facility they had day care. I could keep an eye on my child. He felt secure because he knew I was around.

Sussanne Cherrie, US

Buses can be dangerous

I was astonished to learn about the irresponsible behaviour of the school bus company (Hot and bothered over air-conditioning, September 12). They should understand how dangerous it is to transport children in buses that do not have air-conditioning.

Unfortunately, this is not the only problem with school transport. Spot checks should be done and inspectors should follow some of these buses from behind to see how dangerously they are driven.

Jean Francoise Ng Lewis, Dubai

Buses that do not have air-conditioning should not be allowed to operate even for a single day. It’s strange that these people do not learn from past incidents. The bus company should be taken to task for their irresponsible behaviour.

Nagma Khatoon, Abu Dhabi

Fake goods are sold everywhere

People who buy original goods usually do not go for fakes (Fake goods are too prevalent, September 11). People buy fake goods mostly because they are affordable. This phenomenon is not unique to the UAE. Fake goods are sold all over the world.

Shilpa Parmar, Dubai

I know someone who owns more than 20 high-value watches. He also has the counterfeit versions and wears them most of the time, only wearing the originals on special occasions.

Giles Heaton, Dubai

Sadly, these days the market is filled with counterfeit products. To make it worse, there is a growing demand for fake products as they are affordable. It has become challenging for consumers to differentiate between fake original goods since counterfeit goods are sold almost everywhere.

It is disappointing to see that despite strict laws in place, fake products continue to make their way into the country.

The condition has come to such a level that many think that investing in originals is unwise. I was left in tears when I was given an original designer handbag by my family on a special occasion while my friends went around carrying its duplicate versions. There was really not much difference between them. The authorities should eliminate such groups that deal in counterfeit products and impose stricter penalties on offenders.

Name withheld by request

It’s impossible to get rid of fakes when countries such as China produce counterfeits of almost everything – from trainers to cars.

You can get rid of fakes when there’s no more demand and culprits face heavier penalties.

John Paravalos, Dubai

As long as there is no deception and people know what they are buying, what’s the harm?

Ahmed Mustafa, Dubai