Cycling in Dubai with headphones on is an unnecessary risk

Our readers have their say on prioritising safety, the passing of a firefighter and a doctor, illegal animal trade and the IPL
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, July 11, 2020.   
  A cyclist on the bike pathway along the Corniche with a face mask on during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Victor Besa  / The National
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With reference to Anam Rizvi's report Dubai cyclists could be barred from wearing headphones under new safety drive (July 27): excellent. Cyclists wear headphones or earphones and lose touch with their surroundings and become a risk to other cyclists.

Bassel Darwish, Dubai 

The same rule of "no headphones" should apply for runners too. Have noticed a few who are unable to hear warnings in their surroundings.

Neil Bezuidenhout, Dubai

IPL season starting is great news for cricket fans 

With reference to the report Indian Premier League 2020 set to begin on September 19 (July 24): this was such good news for cricket fans who will be delighted after a long wait. Wonderful that so many talented batsmen and bowlers will get to play in the UAE in a little over a month, after much speculation by the Indian Cricket Board. Hopefully by September the pandemic will have receded and sports fans will not only enjoy the match but also get in a bit of tourism – the famous locations of UAE, from the malls to desert safaris.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Learning to play an instrument shows discipline

Regarding the piece by Jack Dutton Put down the banjo, Timmy: study finds learning music won't make children smart (July 29): they tend to be better students. That doesn't mean they have a higher IQ, but it definitely means they're likely to be disciplined learners.

Patricia Estep, Michigan, US

Condolences for firefighter who lost his life in warehouse blaze 

In reference to Salam Al Amir's report Dubai firefighter dies while tackling blaze at warehouses (July 28): what a terrible tragedy, thank you for your service, Sgt Adel Nasser Saleh. May you go on to serve a higher power.

Lawrence Chris, Dubai 

Doctor who spent his life treating the poor is a true role model

With reference to Hamza Hendawi's report Egypt pays tribute to doctor who dedicated his life to treating the poor (July 28): thank you, sir, for your service to the poor. The world needs more humanitarians like you. Rest in peace.

Maya Laghan, Dubai

Illegal animal trade needs to be prevented

With reference to Nick Webster's report Covid-19 should be a warning to prevent illegal animal trade, say experts (July 27): Covid-19 has definitely been a wake up call for the illegal wildlife trade and wet animal markets. Local efforts against illegal wildlife crime are first class. It would be great to see the UAE go the extra step and look at pet markets and shops too.The world needs to reassess the need for them for a multitude of reasons, including human health and the issue of animal abandonment.

Rachael Ryder, Abu Dhabi