Code of conduct

The holy month is a special time of the year when we should show sensitivity and respect

During Ramadan people are asked to dress more conservatively in public places. Fatima Al Marzooqi / The National
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We talk a lot about modesty, respect and reflection during the holy month of Ramadan. So it’s disappointing to see hotel guests who wish to join in Ramadan celebrations falling foul of dress codes.

As The National reported yesterday, hotel managers have been warning guests against wearing inappropriate attire when attending iftar meals. They said guests could be turned away if dressed in tight, short or see-through clothes that are not respectful of the holy month and those observing it.

Hotels are right to enforce such rules and it is worth remembering that dress codes exist all over the world. Those rules are there for a purpose and they ought to be respected. But in the hospitality industry the onus should rest with hoteliers themselves. Holidaymakers visiting the country for a few days may not know about the way of life here. A polite word or a leaflet and a spot of education can go a long way to sorting this issue out.