Animal welfare effort laudable

A reader praises Sarah Bartlett who devotes her time and money to help abandoned and injured animals.

Mona Al Marzooqi / The National
A reader praises Sarah Bartlett who devotes her time and money to help abandoned and injured animals. Mona Al Marzooqi / The National

The efforts of Sarah Bartlett, who has given up her free time to improving the plight of Abu Dhabi’s rescue animals make my animal-welfare efforts look insignificant (Abu Dhabi PR boss devoted to rescuing the city’s animals in need, June 1). I have adopted four cats and feed a group of street cats.

Ms Bartlett devotes her time, love and money to help abandoned and injured animals in Abu Dhabi and beyond.

It is again that time of year when people with no conscience dump their pets. They do not bother to find a place for them when they must go on holiday.

Thanks to individuals like Ms Bartlett who try to help these poor animals. I always applaud the kindness of individuals and organisations that assist groups like Animal Action when their vet bills run high.

I thank The National for focusing on the plight of animals and the wonderful people who try to help them.

G Stevenson, Abu Dhabi

How about a 10-day holiday in Ramadan?

I refer to Maryam Ismail’s opinion article Why we do need an extended break at the end of Ramadan (June 1). A break like this, if extended to Muslims working in malls and supermarkets, would paralyse the economy.

That can’t happen. Muslims in this region can perhaps learn from their brethren in the West who enjoy no such privileges, and use the evenings in Ramadan to reflect and feed the soul more than the stomach. That, by itself, might prove to be a break from the hectic life as intended.

Husain Alhusain, Dubai

The article is interesting. I agree with the writer when she says that a 10-day holiday would only provide workers a better chance to worship during the holy month of Ramadan, which is otherwise difficult given the nature of their work and hectic schedules. I do not think this would have any significant impact on the productivity of workers. Instead, this break would help improve output since workers would make a fresh start.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

Some details on church incorrect

As a Shincheonji (SCJ) Church member, I would like to point out some of the misinformation in the article Mystery surrounds visit to UAE of alleged religious cult (May 29).

First, according to Zackary Downey, who blogs about the church’s operations (even though he has had “no direct dealings with the church itself, or its chairman”): “Church leaders are saying they (SCJ members) can’t see their family, or even talk to them. They are cut off from any contact.”

This is completely wrong. The church leaders stress the importance of being a good and dutiful family member regardless of faith. No one has ever been cut off from any contact.

Second, I was appalled by the statement that “peace events in Korea are a regular occurrence, but they stage similar propaganda events all over the world, recently in the Philippines ... They are just PR stunts to be seen alongside world leaders, with no actual peace agreements signed.”

Only a “PR stunt”? SCJ chairman Man Hee Lee is actively involved in the peace process in Mindanao, Philippines.

The conflict there had resulted in more than 40,000 deaths and 3.5 million displaced people. Assisting in this peace process is not what I would call a “PR stunt”. It is saving lives.

Furthermore, I have personally viewed many peace agreements signed at events where world leaders come together and pledge to work together to end wars. This is the goal of the church.

Tammy Budinski, Shincheonji member, South Korea

Why divorce is on the rise

Justin Thomas’s opinion article In the Gulf, marriage falters while divorce prospers (June 1) is interesting. With the passage of time, people all over the world are becoming more materialistic and selfish. These phenomena are taking a toll on marriages. Also women have many other opportunities for self improvement these days and that is a great thing. I’d be interested to know the statistics on who instigates marriage and divorce the most.

Giles Heaton, Dubai

Published: June 1, 2015 04:00 AM


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