One Direction’s appeal is far reaching

Readers ponder the appeal of One Direction, who are coming to Dubai for a concert next year. Other subjects: taxi drivers, Facebook, airline comfort and Tara the cat.
Readers ponder the appeal of boy band One Direction, who are coming to Dubai next year. Keith Tsuji/Getty Images
Readers ponder the appeal of boy band One Direction, who are coming to Dubai next year. Keith Tsuji/Getty Images

I love One Direction with all my heart and I’m crying because they are coming to Dubai (The One and only, May 21).

I cannot wait to see them. This concert is going to be great.

Saba Saberi, Dubai

It is difficult for older people to believe the love many youngsters have for this boy band.

The response has been overwhelming, with people travelling from other emirates to buy tickets.

Name withheld by request but firms should pay

Taxi drivers need more training

All taxi drivers should undergo safety courses (Cabbies pay for their own training, May 22).

The training should be mandatory for old and new drivers alike, because old drivers get into bad and lazy habits.

I often have to tell drivers to stop tailgating the car in front and to slow down, especially when going over speed bumps.

U Bahji, Dubai

The drivers shouldn’t have to pay from their own pockets; their ­employer is the one who should be responsible for providing appropriate training.

However, all taxi drivers need to have training.

Tatania Efremova, Dubai

Why would they make the taxi ­drivers pay? It is in the taxi companies’ best interests to have happy employees.

Jen Bishop, Dubai

Kenzy’s courage inspires us all

I was pleased to read Small steps that were a giant leap for UAE ­genetic disorder girl (May 21).

Children like little Kenzy El Faharany are an inspiration to all of us. They are special because they have the determination and courage to excel in life despite their disabilities.

However, it is very sad that we as a society sometimes fail to help these children lead a normal life. They are not sick nor do they need our sympathy, all they need is a l­ittle support and motivation from us and our acceptance.

It is upsetting that many private schools have turned away from their responsibilities towards children with special needs.

These children are as capable as anybody else of their age and deserve every opportunity to make progress in life.

Fatima Suhail, Dubai

A timely warning about Facebook

I totally agree with the message in Be aware of UAE privacy laws when posting Facebook content, TRA warns (May 21).

The other day there was a post about a tragic car accident and the children who were involved in it were badly injured.

I don’t think any one has the right to film and post such an upsetting event.

Those children have a family, and seeing them like that would break their hearts.

Ruba Sweidan, Jordan

Serbian grateful for flood efforts

Thank you for supporting my home country (UAE expats donate Dh300,000 and send aid to help flood victims in Serbia and Bosnia, May 21).

I am proud to be Serbian and proud of the UAE.

Ana Mincic, Dubai

All passengers require comfort

I note that both of the UAE’s major airlines are improving their first-class seating (Emirates Airline turns to A380s with bedrooms, May 20).

I think they should add more comfortable seats in economy class before they add bedrooms to first class. The present economy seats are too cramped.

The airlines should take care of economy passengers, as they also pay for their tickets.

Ajay Chand Mehra, India

Life-saving vets deserve praise

Quick-thinking veterinarians help save man’s life after heart attack outside clinic (May 19) caught my attention.

I think I’d better go and see these guys instead of waiting for two hours at a hospital.

Ahmed Albaidhani, Dubai

Feline hero Tara is perfectly named

I was inspired by the story of the cat who saved the child from a dog (Hero cat ‘throws’ first pitch at Bakersfield Blaze baseball game, May 21).

The name of this adorable cat is so fitting.

Tara is also the name of a Buddhist and Hindu goddess.

Brigitte von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

Published: May 22, 2014 04:00 AM


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