Cruising the Med: Egyptian-built aquatic car offers upgrade on jet skis

Vehicle designed by friends offers more stability and extra features

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Holidaymakers on Egypt's north coast might find a surprising addition to shoreline traffic this year: a number of sports cars whizzing across the surface of the Mediterranean.

The more upmarket beaches have introduced this "aquatic car" in lieu of jet skis, which its Egyptian makers promise is much safer and packs a lot more punch.

Egyptian friends make speedboat that looks like a fancy car

Egyptian friends make speedboat that looks like a fancy car

The vehicle was designed by Karim Amin, 29, and two of his closest friends.

Mr Amin said that while the vehicle looks like a car, the internal mechanism is exactly the same as a jet ski. But since the body is much larger, it is virtually unflippable in the water, meaning it can be driven much more recklessly than a jet ski, which is one of its main selling points.

He said he and his colleagues were trying to create a new watersport experience, something that beachgoers had not seen before.

The car is equipped with several high-tech features to appeal to younger patrons: a surround sound stereo system on which they can blast music from their phones via Bluetooth; a screen on which to watch video; and a GPS-tracking system in case they get lost.

The car has a top speed of 70 kilometres an hour, making it a popular choice with thrill-seekers visiting the north coast this summer.

Currently, the trio make only one model of the car, with seats for two people. However, they are working on a larger model that can hold a family of four, with a convertible option.

Demand for rides in the aquatic car has skyrocketed since Mr Amin and his colleagues introduced it a few months ago. The car’s popularity increased even more after photos and videos of it spread on social media over the past few weeks.

Many Egyptian social media users expressed national pride in the fact that the car is made locally.