Ultherapy non-invasive facelift now available in Dubai

A new technology has arrived in Dubai promising levels of face tightening and toning that were previously only possible by going under the knife.
Rebecca Treston performing an Ultherapy treatment. Courtesy Rebecca Treston
Rebecca Treston performing an Ultherapy treatment. Courtesy Rebecca Treston

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is the only non-invasive procedure available to actually lift skin on the face, neck and chest. Using the body’s own natural healing process, the treatment will lift, tone and tighten loose skin with no downtime whatsoever.

The FDA-cleared device is the only non-invasive treatment that can specifically target the deep foundation below the skin that is addressed in cosmetic surgery, without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin. It is also the only procedure to use ultrasound imaging, which allows us to actually see the layers of tissue we target during treatment and ensure the energy is deposited precisely to where it will be most effective.

Who is this treatment ideally suited for? Who are your typical patients?

In the main we have clients who are already showing signs of ageing and wish to rejuvenate their skin or patients who wish to prevent skin ageing and are just starting to notice slight signs.

The results that I have achieved on a substantial amount of patients with Ultherapy have been outstanding. In fact, patients who are just on the cusp of skin ageing are astounded by the drastic results that Ultherapy has given them. Most patients are aware when they visit the clinic that Ultherapy will prevent premature ageing; however, they are amazed to see how quickly their features and contours sharpen post-treatment.

Any celebrities we might know of who’ve had it done?

Courteney Cox is an advocate, the actress and singer Vanessa Williams is also a fan, as is The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita.

How long does the treatment take and what’s involved?

Like all treatments at the clinic, we will carry out a thorough consultation with the patient, which will include medical history, outlining the treatment and discussing expectations. If there are no contraindications and the patient is happy, then we will proceed. First of all, I map out the areas to be treated and then place sonogram gel on the relevant areas.

The Ulthera handset, which is placed on the skin, uses focused ultrasonic energy to analyse the skin and then customise the treatment for that particular patient. The targeted areas are then treated, depositing focused ultrasound energy below the surface of the skin via the handset to stimulate the body’s creation of new collagen. As a result, skin will begin to lift and tone. Patients may enjoy an immediate initial effect. However, the ultimate lifting and toning will take place over two to three months as tired collagen is replaced with new, more elastic collagen. As this collagen-building process continues, further improvements can appear up to six months following a procedure and can last from two to five years.

How does it feel? Is it painful?

Comfort thresholds vary from patient to patient, but there can be some discomfort while the ultrasound energy is being delivered. This is temporary and a positive signal that the collagen-building process has been initiated. During consultation with a patient we can determine their pain threshold and advise on ways to manage and minimise discomfort through the duration of the treatment (application of numbing cream, Ibuprofen tablets).

What can someone expect when they leave your office after a session? What will their face feel like? When and how will they see results?

There will be an immediate tighte­ning and lifting as well as a rejuvenated glow that will last for weeks to come. Immediately post-treatment the patient may feel a dull ache, similar to a mild toothache and mild swelling can occur for a few days. Some patients will feel slight tenderness over the coming weeks. However, there will be no visible signs.

A 60 to 90-minute treatment costs about Dh18,000. Why is it so expensive?

When you compare the cost of an Ultherapy treatment to an invasive cosmetic procedure such as a facelift, not only the procedure cost but downtime, Ultherapy offers a less-expensive option with similar results.

Have you done this treatment on yourself? What have you seen on your own face?

Yes of course. I saw an immediate lift and a real glow for weeks post treatment. My patients and friends complimented me on how well I looked and said that my skin was glowing. After 10 weeks, I did think I needed to do a touch-up on my nasal labial folds (nose-to-mouth lines) and double chin. However, I was patient and wanted to allow at least three months to see if I would have further results. Within just a few extra weeks, the skin was more plump and tight and therefore there was no need for a touch-up. It has been four months since I had Ultherapy and the compliments continue.

• A full face and neck Ultherapy treatment takes between 60 to 90 minutes and costs Dh18,000, which includes consultation, treatment and follow-up appointments. Treatments can also be tailored to target certain areas such as the chin, eyes or brow. Rebecca Treston Aesthetics at Euromed, Villa 611, Jumeirah Beach Road. For more information or to book an appointment call 04 394 5422 or visit www.euromedclinicdubai.com, www.faebook.com/rebeccatrestonaesthetics


Published: May 27, 2014 04:00 AM


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