Dubai resident credits regular trampoline classes with 30kg weight loss

Saskia Evraert credits doing trampoline fitness classes four times a week with her weight loss. Courtesy Saskia Evraert
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Last year, Dubai resident Saskia Evraert, from Germany, weighed 111 kilograms and wore size 18 clothes. In seven months, the director of guest services at the Sheraton Dubai Creek hotel has managed to lose almost 30 kilograms through watching what she eats and taking regular trampolining classes. She shares her story.

I was always big, but never as big as I was last year. Chocolate and bad eating habits controlled my day and I wasn’t very active. This combined with long working hours made me balloon to a size 18.

In May I wanted to close my sandals, but I couldn’t as my belly was in the way and didn’t allow me to bend down. I needed a drastic change. I wasn’t doing it for anyone but myself and I guess that is the secret – you need to want that change and you have to do it for yourself, not for anyone else.

I had tried going to the gym and jogging but didn’t see any results. The Bounce Fit trampoline fitness class was the first class I did in which I saw real results.

Maybe my childhood memories attracted me to it at first. After my first free-jumping session I felt that trampolining wasn’t as hard as the other exercises I tried. One of the team members from Bounce told me about Bounce Fit and that’s how I started. What kept me coming back, though, were the results, the fun, the dynamic. During the first four months I did the classes four times a week and I could see week by week the changes. I was losing weight and my dress size was going down – it was simply amazing.

I started at 111kg and lost 17kg purely through doing trampoline fitness classes and changing my diet over four months. I focused on a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Since then, I have lost over 10kg more through doing a mix of trampolining and circuits classes. I am now 77kg and I am combining both programmes. I would love to lose another 7kg and I believe I can reach this goal by the end of March.

One of the positive effects of my weight loss is that I now love shopping and getting dressed up. I feel like I actually look presentable.

My advice for those looking to lose weight and get fit and healthy is to try trampolining. Pair it with a healthy diet and make it a lifestyle. Seriously, you never know how far you can go until you try – 2017 is all about trying.