Tried and tested: a signature massage

A massage to ease away all your stresses and strains

WHAT I TRIED The Tips & Toes Signature Massage with hot stones at the new Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi branch.

WHAT I EXPECTED Most of all to get lost trying to find it. Then to relax and fall asleep in the hands of a professional.

WHAT HAPPENED The directions were so good even I could follow them. The new Tips & Toes is nothing if not opulent. I was led into the "Luxury Villa", which is just that, with sumptuous fabrics, chandeliers, marble and gold. A minimalist would have a heart attack.

I was led into a treatment room and asked to lie down and relax. The treatment is a wonderful mixture of pure massage (with and without oils), Thai massage (where your limbs are stretched and pulled, sometimes called "lazy man's yoga") and massage with hot stones. When I say hot, I really mean hot. So this is not a treatment you can easily kip through, unless, like I did, you catch 40 winks during the first massage bit.

But I think the volcanic basalt stones, which are heated and applied to acupressure points, are miraculous for relaxing the muscles. My therapist said they "cast away stress and promote positive energy flows".

THE VERDICT The verdict of a treatment for me is often what happens afterwards. This one had me feeling happy and relaxed for several hours, and my husband told me I looked "fresh-faced", which made a nice change. I also slept soundly, which to me is a sign that all is well with your body and mind. This is one massage I will return to regularly.

Helena Frith Powell


The Signature Massage costs Dh320 for a 90-minute treatment. For more details, call 02 557 2255 or see

Published: August 24, 2011 04:00 AM