Hiring a car

There are a large number of car hire companies in the UAE, ranging from the big international names to small businesses.
Renting is a good way to get used to driving on the UAE's roads before deciding if you really need to take the plunge and buy your own car.
Hiring a car is a straightforward process with all that is needed for tourists being an international driving licence and passport. Residents will need a valid visa and a UAE driving licence along with their passport.
The hire company will make a photocopy of your passport and visa stamp before handing you the keys.
However, be aware that - although you will be covered under the hire company's insurance - you will still be responsible for reporting any damage to the car. This includes obtaining police reports, even for minor accidents, to allow the car to be repaired.
Before you hire, ask the rental company to advise you in advance if you are running late on a monthly payment before they debit your account or charge your credit card.
In addition to the rental fee and any damages not covered by the firm's insurance, you can also expect to be billed for road toll, or Salik fees, in Dubai.

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