Happy Easter from the sky: German pilots get creative by drawing bunnies in the air

Two private planes delighted aircraft trackers by drawing the Easter Bunny over regions in Germany over the weekend

Two Easter bunnies appeared in the sky over Germany on the weekend. Courtesy FlightRadar24

Families around the world have had to get creative with their Easter celebrations this year, with gatherings off-limits and treasure hunts for chocolate eggs largely confined to the backyard.

But two pilots in Germany have risen to the challenge of marking the holiday in an isolation-friendly way, by taking to the skies to spread Easter cheer.

Two private planes delighted aircraft trackers by drawing their own takes on the Easter Bunny over regions in Germany over the weekend.

A priate aircraft drew an Easter Bunny over Germany to wish citizens a Happy Easter. Courtesy FlightRadar24. 

The visualisations, which wouldn't have made sense to a person standing below and watching the plane, gain meaning when they show up on a flight tracking service, such as FlightRadar24, as their path is traced.

The first, conducted by a private pilot in a Flight Design CT plane, produced a strikingly perfect outline of a bunny, taken from a side view, during a flight over the German capital of Berlin.

The second took place in a region near Einbeck in southern Lower Saxony, where a private pilot in a Tecnam P92 Echo plane created a slightly rougher example of a rounder bunny in the sky.

Another aircraft attempted another Easter Bunny over Germany on the same day. Courtesy FlightRadar24. 

So is it real, and how does one create such drawings in the sky, you may ask?

According to FlightRadar24, when queried by a member of the public on Twitter, the visualisations can be completed by a pilot either flying by hand, or by loading a bunny into the autopilot system.

"Both are possible, it comes down to pilot’s preference and ability," they said.


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