Sheikh Hamdan: Eight things you should know about the Dubai royal

From his favourite sports to the education that taught him 'discipline' and why we call him Fazza, here's everything you need to know about Dubai's Crown Prince

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As news of the marriage of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, and two of his brothers is announced, here are a few things you may not have known about the popular Dubai royal ...

1. Why we call him Fazza, and that he is a brilliant poet 

Like his father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan writes poetry, which he sometimes shares online. Fazza means "a person who speeds to the help and support of others", in Emirati dialect. It's a term often used in Nabati poetry, which is a common art form in the UAE.

He has described poetry as: “my identity and poetic character through which I humbly attempt to rekindle joy in the hearts of people, alleviate their suffering in my own simple way. I express their hopes and aspirations.”

A number of his poems have been turned into songs.

2. He is at home in the great outdoors 

Whether it is skydiving, jet skiing, hiking, snowboarding or zip lining, Dubai's Crown Prince is a verified action man. Documentation of his adventures is often posted on his Instagram page.

3. He studied at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

More than 200 Emiratis have studied at the British military school, including his father, Sheikh Mohammed. In March this year, Sheikh Hamdan shared a photo from his own Sandhurst days, captioning it simply, "#tbt #Sandhurst". He attended Sandhurst after studying at Rashid Private School in Dubai.

Of his education, he told Vision magazine in 2012: "Education is so important in life – it is the key to everything that follows. My studies here in Dubai, then in the United Kingdom, opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. Education, knowledge and understanding enable you to look beyond today to new horizons."

He has added of Sandhurst, in particular: “What you learn in prominent military academies like Sandhurst revolves around the values of discipline, responsibility and commitment. These values are practically essential to carry out your responsibilities competently.”

4. He is a keen fisherman 

The UAE royal often shares photos of himself free diving and deep-sea fishing on Instagram.

A photo of his catch-of-the-day frequently follows soon after:

5. He is a real animal lover 

Sheikh Hamdan seems to have a natural affinity with animals, from dogs to falcons, giraffes and baby deer. In April he even went out with a group of UAE conservationists to assist trimming a giraffe’s hooves.

6. He is particularly passionate about horses 

Although many animals are posted on his Instagram, horses seem to be a favourite. The royal has been horse riding since childhood and takes part in endurance racing on horseback and is the owner of a number of race horses. To date, he has won a number of international and regional endurance riding medals.

7. He is very fitness-focused

The royal is on a mission to make the UAE a healthier place. Through the Dubai Fitness Challenge, he encourages residents of the emirate to workout for 30 minutes a day, and often posts photos of himself working out, whether it's in a gym, cycling or on an obstacle course, like Sandstorm DXB, which he took part in back in 2017.

8. He is a real family man 

Barely a month goes by without a photo of one of his nieces or nephews popping up on his Instagram. The posts often include a heart emoji, or an "I miss you" message to his young family members.


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