Go Gear: Stay fresh even after a roll in the mud

From freshening up a musty interior to eliminating allergens, keep your car smelling great.

The smell of the sea

Many of us live on or near the coast, and now you can take that maritime smell with you across the Emirates, even deep into the desert. This freshener pack - three for the price of two, we might add - comes with three different fragrances: beach walk, sun and sand and island spa.

Available from www.yankeecandle.com for Dh37.

Fresh air for Peanuts

A cute way of keeping the car smelling nice is this plush Snoopy air freshener - especially on a trip to Fujariah and the island informally named after the famous pooch. The cuddly character hangs from the rear-view mirror; the only problem is that your kids will probably want to cuddle with it.

Available from www.halfords.com for Dh36.

Socket to bad odours

The Wagan ionic doesn't mask smells; this air purifier plugs into the cigarette lighter to filter the air and help relieve allergies, hay fever and asthma and eliminate bacteria, pollen and dust. There are no chemicals, no refills, and it doesn't look as cheesy as a pine tree swinging from your rear-view mirror.

Available from amazon.com for Dh38.

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