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With plenty of sun on tap in the UAE, powering solar gadgets is a breeze.

Attach this lightweight, solar-powered bluetooth car kit to your windscreen and you are good, and safe, to go. A solar-powered bluetooth has plenty of merit in the sunny UAE, particularly as the summer heat hits and we take refuge in our cars for even the shortest of journeys. The LG HFB-500 holds enough charge for 16 hours, plus the kit obtains one hour of talk time for every two hours of exposure. The kit comes with a cradle and a 12V car charger, for those rare dull days. It is not just safe and energy efficient, but it could save you a fine if a policeman catches you using your mobile while driving. Available from handtec.co.uk for Dh100

The Sunforce 12V solar battery maintainer is ideal to recharge your car, SUV or boat's battery, particularly after it has been sat idle for extended periods, such as when you are on holiday. The product is maintenance free and easily installed, plugging into the cigarette lighter to slowly and safely charge your battery. You can place it on the dashboard, or use the two suction cups that come with the kit to attach it the window, to give it maximum exposure to the sun. Just make sure your windscreen is clean before you leave your car. Available from 21st-century-goods.com for Dh88

This Formula One solar powered car is a great way to keep kids (and adults) entertained for hours and provides a sneaky lesson in solar power, too. The OWI sonic F1 solar power race car is suitable for children aged nine and above, is easy to assemble and can soon be tested outside where there should be no shortage of solar energy to get the car speeding along. It just requires a smooth surface to race. This is a fun way to introduce solar energy to young family members and encourages them away from the television set. Available from amazon.com for Dh60