Inside a Dh25m Pearl Jumeirah villa in Dubai fit for a Colin Firth period drama

Regency-era design? Check. Dramatic, sweeping staircase? Check. Famous British actor lording it up? Not yet...

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The writer's curse has struck.

It was only weeks ago that this scribe was detailing a 10-bedroom mansion on Dubai's Pearl Jumeirah which featured a quite extraordinary interior that was worthy of hosting a five-series period drama on Netflix.

"All of the villas on the island are custom built, so it is highly unlikely you will come across any two the same, and you would be hard-pressed to find another in Dubai that looks quite like this," he wrote.

So what do we have here right now?

That's right, it's a Pearl Jumeirah mansion with an interior so vintage that you can't help but expect Colin Firth to come swaggering down its epic staircase for a scene straight out of Pride and Prejudice.

Next we'll find a third property on the island, probably next door, that is similarly dripping in regency charm and actually features in a big-screen drama – with Mr Firth grinning back at you when you knock on the door.

OK, back to real life.

The custom-build option on Pearl Jumeirah means there all shapes and sizes of mansion being built – and obviously one type which is proving surprisingly popular.

On the market with, this one comes with five bedrooms and is spread across a built-up area of 12,500 square feet.

From the outside it appears to be a fairly regular villa as far as Dubai's collection of imposing Dh25 million properties goes. There's plenty of glass, there's columns running from the ground floor to the second floor and there's extensive use of gold detailing from the window frames to the railings.

Relive the 1800s in this period-perfect Pearl Jumeirah home. Courtesy

Step inside, however, and it's like you're reliving the 1800s. There's drama and grandeur everywhere, from the pattern on the marble flooring to the sculpted artwork on the underside of the staircase. Some of the ceilings have been given more attention than some entire homes receive in decades.

On first inspection, it does look extremely white without any furniture, so visitors may initially need to keep their sunglasses on. Delve a little deeper and you find it isn't all a step back in time, as there are flashes of contemporary design to be seen in the diamond-patterned mirrors.

Down in the basement there is room to house a whole film crew and turn the place into a ballroom for lords and ladies to dance the night away. There's also a snazzy hot tub, glass-walled sauna and a separate area for yoga and meditation.

For those who prefer the cooking to be done away from the main living area, there's a large kitchen down below which features a dumb waiter to transport the food up to the first floor.

Dubai may be one of the most technologically advanced cities around, but it certainly hasn't forgotten how to go seriously retro, at least on Pearl Jumeirah.

Q&A: Jason Hayes, CEO & Founder of

It’s an unusual mix of vintage and modern … don’t designers normally go for one or the other?

This is, without a doubt, my favourite property in Dubai at this price point – a fusion of Regency and contemporary design delivered flawlessly with world-class materials and a finished product par excellence. The Regency styling and design is both unique and incredible while the subtle use of contemporary finishes adds to the overall sense of wonder.

What level of rent would this property attract should the owner wish to do so?

I would expect this property to rent at no less than Dh750,000 per year.

There’s a lot of building work going on in the vicinity – is this affecting buyer decisions?

Without a doubt, for some, ongoing construction is a negative to living on Pearl Jumeirah and it is a negative I can certainly understand. However, in truth, there is a lot of construction taking place across the city in various neighbourhoods. In real terms, this is a negative only for the short-term and the larger outlook for the Pearl is excellent.

How long before Pearl Jumeirah is complete?

Pearl Jumeirah is rapidly becoming a sought-after place to acquire spectacular homes and indeed to build more spectacular homes. At this time, construction works are in full swing and on every visit to the island, I can't help but notice significant progress being made. I would envisage this island having another 36 months of construction. However, it must be said that, for some, the island is already complete, with the majority of homes already being occupied by families who are enjoying a luxurious beachfront island lifestyle only a few minutes from Downtown Dubai.


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