How to decorate your home for Eid

Mix modern and traditional designs for a festive look.

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Celebrate Eid with festive decor. Try using modern designs with a traditional twist this season. Introduce glass and steel lanterns, hammered platters and matte gold cushions into your space.

Antique styled lanterns are particularly popular during this time. Choose from a range of ornate lanterns to add a classic flavour to your surroundings. Or select a variety of tea light holders decorated in a cluster with urns and vases for a rustic charm.

No Eid is complete without a sumptuous spread of food. What better way to greet family and friends than with delicate china and porcelain crockery? Make a stunning table arrangement with stylish tableware, crystal glasses and delicate serveware. Complement your dining sets with distinctly styled decanters, dessert stands and platters.

A gold, copper, silver, nickel and bronze colour scheme will add a festive charm, making your room look opulent and inviting. So will jewel tones such as emerald, amethyst, ruby and turquoise, while rich textures such as jacquard, brocade, satin and suede will heighten the luxurious feel.

Finally, make sure to capture those special family moments and display them in ornate and elegant photo frames.

Hanne Gokstad is the visual merchandising manager at Home Centre.