Home Shopping: Cheery, retro prints at Double Merrick

The artist Merrick Angle's screen-printed illustrations resemble vintage posters and classic children's books.
Printemps, (Dh260), Double Merrick.
Printemps, (Dh260), Double Merrick.

The artist Merrick Angle was often told by friends and family that his illustrations would make lovely pieces of wall art, so he eventually took the hint and decided to screen-print a few to sell online through Etsy.com. They were an instant hit, prompting him to start his own website through which he now sells limited-edition prints and home accessories from his vine-covered studio near Limoges in rural France. Merrick's young daughter, Flora, came up with a name for his shop - Double Merrick - saying it sounded like her daddy, only better.

Merrick's work channels a wide variety of influences - from 1950s-style educational wall charts to colourful French sweet wrappers - and all the designs ooze quirky charm. I like the "Printemps" print best - part children's book, part vintage travel poster - it's a stunning swallow painting, optimistic and pleasingly retro. Just the thing to brighten up a dark, drab corner.

It's part of a series of elegant French prints that resemble vintage classroom posters. "La Lune", "Le Soleil", "La Terre" - they're simple but gorgeous.

I also like Merrick's fun kitchen textiles - his 'n' hers aprons with just one word on each (meat for him, cake for her) - and comic strip-style tea towels with "Dry or Die" scrawled across them. If people in your house have a habit of disappearing when there's washing up to be done, you could leave one lying around as a subtle hint.

It's worth checking the Double Merrick website regularly because new designs are released each month. The latest one I've fallen for is called "Typewriter" - it's inspired by an old Olivetti machine from a theatrical prop store and recalls vintage instructional posters. I have it hanging above my desk and, although I type on a very un-romantic Mac, I only have to glance at it and I feel much more glamorous.


Visit www.doublemerrick.com or call 00 33 555 71 94 28


Published: August 13, 2011 04:00 AM