Check Out: The new Boråstapeter wallpaper collection

A medley of bright colours and bold prints combines exotic motifs with natural Nordic images.

Hanna Werning collection. For a list of UAE stockists, contact Kollektion & Co, 04 362 9185;
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This summer, the award-winning designer and illustrator Hanna Werning launches her third collection for the Swedish wallcoverings company Boråstapeter. Werning's latest wallpaper collection is heavily influenced by flora and fauna, combining exotic motifs with images taken straight from natural Nordic environments. The collection consists of 20 distinct designs, with names such as Solkoja, Rävdunge and Klättervippa. It's a medley of bright colours, bold floral prints, clinging vines, parrots and peacocks.

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"I started drawing patterns of this character as a sort of self entertainment and also as a counter reaction to the clean walls of the Nineties. I unite shapes and figures that don't necessarily belong together, but which all attract me - sort of the way a DJ mixes different passages into one tune," says Hanna.

"I get my inspiration from all over. It can come from historical impressions, eye-catching experiences, memories from a journey, a growing plant, figures fluttering past me on the internet, a worn-out paperback or a museum visit."

A graduate of London's Central Saint Martins College, Werning has designed products for several fashion and homeware companies, such as Ikea, Rörstrand, Eastpak and Dagmar. She won Elle Interior's design award in 2004, 2007 and 2008, and specialises in patterns for fabric and wallpaper.

The new collection retails at Dh257 per roll. For a list of UAE stockists, contact Kollektion & Co, 04 330 6899;