Here's why you keep seeing those 'what are you' name posts on Instagram

There’s a new trend on the platform and you can expect to see it everywhere

Finding my name in the 'What Nick Miller Are You' meme account. 
Finding my name in the 'What Nick Miller Are You' meme account. 

My sister recently sent me a photo of chef Guy Fieri next to a Guy’s Grocery Games shopping trolley with my name clearly Photoshopped on to it. It was sent without context and to say I was confused was an understatement.

But, as the days went by and I received a couple more of them, I started to realise this was the latest Instagram trend.

The premise is simple. It’s almost like finding your name on a souvenir keyring and the trend actually more exciting than we’d like to admit.

From finding out which Guy Fieri best represents you to figuring out what food you are, there’s no shortage of Instagram accounts that are now dedicated to answering what [insert random topic of choice] you are.

Generally, each name corresponds with a different image and – in the case of celebrity images – a different look or mood. If you spot your name or that of a friend, the idea is that you share that post, tag or direct message them. Most accounts will also let you DM them with requests if you can’t find your own name.

In the past few days, Instagram seems to have flooded with these kind of accounts, with topics from food to celebrities and animals to other random items.

One of the original accounts, What Dog Are You, started posting on July 9 and currently has more than 122,000 followers as of July 20. There are also comedy-based accounts, such as the "What Nick Miller Are You" page, which is centred on the Nick Miller character from the TV show New Girl.

While it might eventually get annoying, for now, it seems to be the wholesome new trend that the world needs.

Here are some of the "what are you" accounts to check out:

Updated: July 20, 2020 04:50 PM


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