Try this: Wasabi Kit Kat

It's a weird food combination, but it works. Emily Shardlow tries out Wasabi Kit Kat.

Wasabi Kit Kat
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If you thought that the Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter was as experimental as this particular chocolate-covered wafer biscuit should get, then look away now.

The Wasabi Kit Kat is a mini, pale green, two fingered piece of confectionery that originated in Japan, where other unusual Kit Kat flavours included cantaloupe, red beak soup, pumpkin and candied sweet potato exist. It’s much smaller than a regular Kit Kat (the pack consists of two small sticks, which probably add up to one of the four fingered variety) and thus contains far fewer calories – just 69 per bar.

As for the taste, well, if you’re looking for a full-on wasabi hit – the type that makes your eyes stream slightly and sinuses tingle – then you’ll be disappointed. Here, the wasabi flavour is very subtle – just a quick bit of heat at the end – and the overriding taste is that of creamy white chocolate.

Don’t be disappointed, though, the mellow warmth that the wasabi provides actually works well with the smooth sweetness of the chocolate, meaning that rather than being a bit of a gimmick it’s actually a pretty pleasant thing to eat.

• Wasabi Kit Kats can be purchased from Chez Sushi by sho cho on Al Wasl Road in Dubai for Dh7. Visit, or call 800 SUSHI (800 78744)