Try Dubai’s most expensive ice cream — for just Dh2,999

Scoopi Cafe, a recently launched gourmet ice cream shop on Jumeirah Beach Road, offers what might be the UAE’s most expensive ice cream sundae. And it can be all yours for a mere Dh2,999.

The Black Diamond is a sundae made with vanilla bean ice cream from Madagascar, saffron from Iran, rare black truffles from Italy and 23-carat gold, edible of course. It’s all served in a Versace bowl with a Versace spoon — which you get to keep.

Or, you can save yourself Dh2,984 and grab some of the cafe’s regular ice cream for a reasonably priced Dh15 a scoop. One big bonus: the ice cream at Scoopi is made with liquid nitrogen, which means it’s frozen at extremely low temperatures, resulting in a creamy, smooth texture.

Scoopi Cafe is located in Dubai on Jumeirah Beach Road near the Burj Al Arab. It's open daily from 1pm to 1am. 04 279 0300