Lindt is releasing a range of vegan chocolate bars

The dairy-free bars will be released under the Hello brand and come in three flavours

Lindt chocolate is getting on the vegan bandwagon.

The Swiss company has announced it will release a vegan chocolate range created with oat milk for later this year.

The bars will be released under Lindt’s Hello brand and come in three flavours (hazelnut, salted caramel and cookie). They will also be wrapped in fully recyclable packaging.

However, there is a catch.

Currently, the chocolate bars will be available only in Germany in November and it hasn’t been announced yet whether they will be released worldwide.

Apart from being dairy-free, they are also lactose and nut-free, making them a good alternative for those who suffer from allergies or food intolerance.

Other vegan options

However, even if Lindt’s vegan line doesn’t make it to the UAE, there are still currently plenty of options for vegans or flexitarians who want dairy-free chocolate.

More stores across the Emirates have stocked up on the vegan sweet treat as the preference for plant-based options has grown in popularity over the years.

Kibson's, Organic Foods and Cafe and Souq Planet, as well as Lulu's and Carrefour all carry options for those looking for vegan chocolate.

However, there are also loads of recipes online for the more adventurous who can try to make their own vegan desserts at home.

Earlier this year, amid the pandemic, Disney World released a recipe for its famous vegan cookie fries while Pret A Manger also shared its recipe for dark chocolate vegan cookies.