Watch: a step-by-step guide to wearing a sari

Putting on the elegant garment can be a source of much confusion. Here's a step-by-step video breaking it down for you

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While we don't subscribe to fashion designer Sabhyasachi's opinion that Indian women who don't know how to put on a sari should be ashamed of themselves (yes, he did say it), there have been times when wearing a sari would have been nice, fun, cool, different or, indeed, necessary. Except that putting the things on - if you don't know how - has proved to be a matter of much frustration, confusion and, on at least one occasion, hysterical sobbing. But, hopefully, that ends now. Here's a step-by-step video on tying a traditional sari - petticoat, pallu, pleats and all - all it needs is a bit of practice.

How to tie the perfect sari.

How to tie the perfect sari.
How to tie the perfect sari.

Designer: Aanchal Jaggi, @aakarshanbyaj

Model: Vanisha Varma, @whiterose_vanisha

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