Six designs from the Justin Trudeau-approved Halal Socks - in pictures

The co-founders tell us why their socks represent unity - at a personal, regional and international level

Shehryar"Sherry" Qureshy and his wife Sara, the founders of Halal Socks, say the Canada-based company is the professional extension to their personal relationship. "We were parents to a beautiful boy, and we wanted to instil a balance between his Islamic and Canadian identity, to help raise our son with the values we had learned," say the Qureshys. "The mission behind Halal Socks and our first Unity collection is to create a brand that represents the ideals of the modern Muslim, and that promotes tolerance in a time when the political climate is often anti-Islam."

The company will donate five per cent of its sales to charities that align with the founders' vision, and the Qureshys say that having Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sporting their "Muslim hipster socks" - twice - is encouraging to say the least.