Now there is a Christmas jumper that helps with social distancing

The Social Distancing Sweater will sound the alarm if people get too close

This Christmas may be a little trickier than usual as we all try and navigate how to celebrate with friends and loved ones while social distancing. But luckily, there is a Christmas jumper that can help.

Created by SimpliSafe, an American security company, this festive blue and white jumper, complete with snowflake and padlock patterns, can help keep overzealous relatives at bay.

Called the "Social Distancing Sweater", it is armed with motion sensors that monitor a 1.8 metre (six feet) radius around the person wearing it. If someone strays into that zone, the sensors trigger flashing lights and an alarm embedded in the top warning the "intruder" to take a step back. Mince pies should therefore be offered only at arms length.

Delightfully tongue-in-cheek, this is of course meant to be ironic and is a prototype only, meaning that sadly, it is not available to buy. However, SimpliSafe are giving away versions of the knitwear without the tech and sensors.

Those who receive the sweater can then head to the company’s website for instructions on how to upgrade the knitwear with an alarm, lights and sensors.

As SimpliSafe creative director Wade Devers explains: “As the experts on protection, albeit home protection, we wanted to give people a playful way to protect themselves during this year’s holiday celebrations.”

By coming up with a novel solution to a very real issue, SimpliSafe is hoping to spread a little festive joy with a sweater that is decorated with padlocks, tapping into the festive ugly jumper tradition. "It's really meant to bring some lightheartedness to a time that's otherwise proven very stressful," Devers adds.

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