From Jennifer Aniston's hair to Phoebe's boho-chic: why 'Friends' is always in fashion

With the stars teasing a reunion, we turn our attention to what the six pals could be wearing 15 years on

The cast of long-running American sitcom 'Friends' set many trends in the show's almost 10-year run. Courtesy Warner Bros
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The last episode of the much-loved sitcom was broadcast on May 6, 2004, but there has seldom been a year the show has not been in the news since. Whether it's Jennifer Aniston's internet-breaking Instagram debut, millennials becoming outraged by storylines that didn't age so well, or Netflix paying about $100 million (Dh367.3m) to keep the hit show running this year, Friends has always managed to stay relevant – even in the digital age. And fans, who have been vocal about their hopes for a reunion, had their interests piqued when Aniston hinted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last month that the sextet were "working on something". Cue applause.

Friends follows the lives of six adults living in Manhattan and is considered by many as one of the most influential sitcoms of all time. So it comes as no surprise to anybody that the show, which ran for almost 10 years, also had an impact on the world of fashion.

While the characters were featured in casual, everyday looks, in reality, a lot of thought went into their outfits. Friends costume designer Debra McGuire says they were created in such a way that they could distinguish the characters while also fitting well together. "Monica was black, grey, white, burgundy; Rachel was blues and greens. I divided the boys into textures – Ross was tweedy, Chandler had a lot of vintage and racing stripe shirts, Joey had leather jackets, then later sweaters and chenille. Phoebe was in patterns. They each had different visual identities," she told The Guardian this year.

Aniston, whose character worked in fashion, was clearly the one who inspired the most trends. The haircut she sported in the first and second season – a layered bob with highlights – became so popular that, according to Marie Claire, 11 million women donned the 'do throughout the decade. There's little wonder it was called "The Rachel". Meanwhile, her signature style, which included midriff-baring tops, overalls, loungewear, denim and short skirts, was perennially popular.

She wasn't the only one whose fashion sense occasionally made headlines. Phoebe's quirky, boho-chic style is the subject of numerous fashion articles. Monica was also a style guru.

Friends fashion lives on in our collective memories. When Balenciaga showcased a heavily layered parka at its autumn/winter 2019 collection last year, Friends fans immediately recalled an episode in which Joey donned all of Chandler's clothes. Need any more reason to believe that fans are still obsessing over our friends? The Instagram handle @everyfriendsoutfit, which only features costumes by the cast, has 26,000 followers.

While Aniston's latest remarks about a reunion haven't been confirmed by any network, you can't help but wonder what the characters would all wear now, if the project does come into fruition. If the current fashion climate is any indicator, we could potentially find Phoebe sporting full, pouty lips a la Kylie Jenner, Monica rocking bodycon dresses and Rachel struggling to stuff her contents into a micro handbag. Meanwhile, perhaps we'll finally get the chance to see Ross's hair sans gel, Chandler wearing skinny jeans and Joey in cropped trousers and loafers.

Or perhaps they'll inspire a full-on 1990s fashion revival (it's not like that hasn't happened before). To find out, we'll all simply have to wait for The One Where They All Come Back.