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Eid ideas for children: 5 ways to make the occasion feel special at home

With traditional plans out the window, here's how you can still make Eid a memorable one

Some restaurants in The Dubai Mall are welcoming back children with a limited-time free kids meals with each paying adult. Getty
Some restaurants in The Dubai Mall are welcoming back children with a limited-time free kids meals with each paying adult. Getty

If your Eid plans had typically been a mini staycation with the family, or travelling to your home country to be reunited with loved ones, well, this year it will probably be a little different because of the global pandemic. If you're a parent who's worried about what Eid is going to be like for your children, we've got some ideas to help you. Despite the circumstances, you can still make the holiday a memorable one.

1. Decorate the house

Is it really a holiday without decoration? If you're someone who skips doing this, maybe this year you can try something new. You can buy some ready-made items or create your own decoration at home. The more the children can be involved the better. I know that as a parent you'd probably think the opposite, but remember the whole point is to make the day special for youngsters. My husband and I used to decorate the house with balloons after our children went to sleep on the last night of Ramadan. We loved watching the element of surprise on their faces in the morning! However, now they are older, they love helping out.

2. Prepare a special Eid meal together

The first main meal on the first day of Eid can be a late breakfast for some, or an early lunch for others. Whatever your family tradition is, allow the children to take part. Ask them for what they'd like to have and make preparations so you can prepare the food together. Even if you decide to order in after a monthof at-home iftars, you could make plans to prepare dessert together. It's a good way to keep them engaged as an Eid day at home will feel long.

3. Make a treasure hunt

What's Eid without games? Organise a few games that the children can play where the whole family can be involved. One idea is to create a treasure hunt, where the children have to look for clues that would lead them to treats. The more clues you leave, the longer the game lasts and the more fun it is.

4. Arrange a big family video chat

Eid can be difficult if you are spending it without your extended family. However, just because we cannot go out does not mean we cannot connect with our loved ones. A great way to allow children to feel the Eid spirit is to arrange for a Zoom or other video chat where they can talk to their grandparents and cousins, even if they are miles apart or in different time zones.

5. Virtual Eid gifts or Eidi

Finally, and it's almost too obvious to mention, but do not forget Eidi, or gifts given on Eid. If this is your child's first time fasting, or completing a whole month of fasting, acknowledge their accomplishment.

But remember to only give gifts to those in your household this year to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. Also don't give cash: opt for an e-voucher instead.

Updated: May 21, 2020 01:38 PM

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