Fog Tuesday, revisited

Remember these simple rules for driving safely on foggy mornings.

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From the living room window, a foggy winter morning has a surreal beauty. Skyscrapers half covered in mist rise up from the city, reminding us of how imposing the skylines of the UAE can be. But get behind the wheel on that same foggy morning, and conditions are dangerous - even deadly - because of irresponsible driving.

Yesterday's commute could have been another reminder of how treacherous low visibility on highways can be. When sight lines are cut to near zero, cars and lorries careening along can quickly turn a stretch of road into a junkyard of crushed metal. Few will soon forget the Tuesday in March 2008 when 347 people were injured and three killed in a pile-up near Ghantoot on the E11. Fortunately, the drive yesterday was almost entirely incident free.

There are three "no's" to driving in fog that are worth repeating. First, no hazard lights, which are just plainly confusing. Second, no high-beams that distract more than they illuminate. And third, no speeding, which is always dangerous in any conditions.

One accident-free Tuesday does not make a trend. But perhaps, just perhaps, there is a light at the end of this tunnel.