Take a shower and help save the planet

Delta Faucet's H2Okinetic Technology promises to use 40 per cent less water than the usual showerheads, making it well suited to the Mena region.

Delta Faucet's H2Okinetic Technology uses 40 per cent less water than the usual showerheads, making it well suited to the Mena region. Courtesy Delta Faucet
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In a desert oasis where clean water is an expensive scarcity, preservation is essential. And when the heat sears through to your internal organs, showers become an absolute imperative.

Now a US-based bathroom fittings company is hoping to attract environmentally conscious customers in the Middle East and North Africa.

Environmentally friendly household gadgets are popping up across the market as the need to save water and electricity enters the public conscience.

Manufacturers are now convincing us that quality and performance need not be compromised in return for the protection of the environment.

In line with this belief, Delta Faucet has launched a range of showerheads and taps that use its H2Okinetic Technology, which promises to use up to 40 per cent less water than customary showerheads.

Using strategically placed chambers, the showerhead produces larger droplets without using more water.

This also helps the water retain its heat to ensure warmer showers, something that is not so relevant in this part of the world.

These chambers control the speed, movement and droplet size of the water.

Droplets are the size of rainforest showers, claim the advertisements. In reality though, they feel air-filled and hollow. The droplets lack the density of traditional showers.

This can feel slightly uncomfortable at first, as you are left wondering whether the water is capable of washing away any dirt at all.

The overall experience feels like part shower, part blow-dry, an odd sensation that essentially helps to provide more volume to your tresses.

The H2Okinetic Water-Efficient Hand Shower 54445-PK has five water settings including full body spray, full spray with massage, high-efficiency spray and massaging spray. It also has a water pausing function, which did not work quite as well in my shower.

Since each water droplet lacks the density of traditional showerheads, you’re simply met with a slightly more aggressive spray. But perhaps that’s not a bad compromise if you want to help save the planet and reduce your bills.