Ramadan 2021: Where to find the best new car deals

From steep discounts to cashback deals and low finance rates, there’s plenty of perks if you are in the market for a new car during the holy month

Ramadan is often the best time to buy a new car, with dealerships in the UAE offering a range of incentives to help consumers save money during the holy month.

This year is no different, with perks including steep discounts, cashback deals, free service packages, extended warranties, reduced down payments and longer payment periods.

“Given the current climate, UAE motorists are looking for more affordable ways to own a car, whether new or used,” Saad Abdullah, general manager of marketing at Al Futtaim Lexus, said.

“Ramadan has always been a time of year for automotive dealers to provide their customers with even greater value.”

Demand for private car ownership has increased during the Covid-19 pandemic as people seek more protection from the virus as opposed to using public transport, US management consultancy Arthur D Little said in its Future of Automotive Mobility survey in February.

“In the short term, Covid-19 has influenced people’s thinking about car ownership … nearly half [48 per cent] of all respondents globally think that owning a car is more important than it was before the pandemic,” Arthur D Little said in the report.

“[This is] a probable result of the sense of security we get from being inside our own ‘socially distanced transport bubble’ rather than having to use public transport.”

In the UAE, 16 per cent of respondents to the Future of Automotive Mobility survey said owning a car was much more important because of the pandemic, while 31 per cent said it was more important.

However, as the pandemic recedes, it is expected that these numbers will “fall back somewhat, though the perceived importance of car ownership overall will remain high”, the report added.

Here is our round-up of the Ramadan car deals on offer in 2021:


The deal: Al Futtaim has rolled out its Ramadan deals on a range of Jeep models, including the compact Compass Longitude, Grand Cherokee Laredo, Wrangler and Gladiator SUVs.

Benefits include a 20 per cent down payment, up to three-year/60,000 kilometre service packages, free first-year insurance and a five-year warranty. Monthly instalments range from Dh1,391 for the Compass Longitude to Dh3,555 for the Jeep Gladiator Sand Runner model.

Customers who purchase a Wrangler two- or four-door Sport model will also receive free accessory vouchers, allowing them to customise their new SUV.

Valid until: End of Ramadan


The deal: GMC dealership partners Al Ghandi Auto and Bin Hamoodah Auto are offering customers steep discounts on select GMC models during the holy month.

The 2021 GMC Acadia has been reduced by Dh20,000, while customers can save Dh10,000 on the Sierra pick-up truck. The 2021 GMC Yukon is being offered at a starting price of Dh215,000 and comes with a five-year/100,000km service package, as well as a five-year/100,000km warranty. Customers can also buy a GMC model from the comfort of their own homes through GMC's online platform.

Valid until: June 24, 2021


The deal: Al Futtaim Toyota has a range of Ramadan deals on offer, including a zero per cent interest rate for two years, a 90-day deferred payment option with an interest rate of 1.49 per cent over five years and budget-friendly leasing options across a variety of models. Customers can also choose the special Ramadan package that includes a four-year/80,000km free service package, free rust proofing and free window tinting.

Valid until: End of Ramadan

2021 Lincoln Navigator. Courtesy of Lincoln

Ford and Lincoln

The deal: During Ramadan, Al Tayer Motors is offering a 1.5 per cent finance rate on select Ford models, zero down payments, one-year free insurance, three-year/60,000km service packages and five-year/100,000km warranties. Customers looking to buy a Lincoln will receive up to 20 per cent cashback or down payment assistance, as well as five-year/100,000km service packages and five-year/100,000km warranties.

Pre-owned Ford and Lincoln vehicles are also part of Al Tayer Motor’s 2021 Ramadan deals package. These include zero down payments, VAT paid by Al Tayer Motors, free insurance and registration, and remaining service and warranty, which can be extended by up to seven years/200,000km.

Valid until: End of Ramadan

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The deal: Hyundai, with local dealership partner Juma Al Majid, is offering Ramadan deals on a range of models, including Santa Fe, Creta, Sonata and Elantra. Benefits include free service contracts, free registration, up to four months deferred payment and an extreme protection package by Auto Millennium.

On top of its Ramadan deals, Hyundai also offers customers a five year/100,000km warranty and a five-year roadside assistance package.

Valid until: The third day of Eid Al Fitr


The deal: MG, through its distributor Inter Emirates Motors, has a range of perks for customers during Ramadan. These include one-year free registration and insurance, and a guaranteed prize of either an iPhone 12 or fuel worth Dh1,000 through scratch and win cards.

It is also giving away car-servicing packages of up to 200,000km through scratch and win cards, and customers have the chance to win back the value of their new car through a weekly raffle draw (eight cars in total).

Valid until: May 31, 2021


The deal: Chevrolet dealerships Al Ghandi Auto and Bin Hamoodah Auto are offering car buyers a range of discounts on select Chevrolet models. Customers in the market for a Camaro can save up to Dh25,000, up to Dh15,000 on a Silverado or Blazer and up to Dh12,000 on a Traverse.

Other offers include reduced finance packages for the Chevrolet Tahoe starting from Dh2,999 a month along with a three-year/60,000km servicing package, free insurance and registration for the first year and a three-year/100,000km warranty.

Valid until: June 30, 2021


The deal: Cadillac's Ramadan campaign, held in conjunction with dealership partner Al Ghandi Auto, includes reduced finance packages for a range of SUVs and sedans, as well as zero down payments, free insurance and registration, and full service packages for up to three years or 25,000km.

Customers will also be given staycations, gifts and the Cadillac Premium care package. The offer is valid on Cadillac SUVs and sedans, including the XT4, XT5 and CT4.

Valid until: End of Ramadan


The deal: Al Nabooda Automobiles Dubai is offering Ramadan value deals on the Volkswagen Touareg, Tiguan and Passat models. The benefits are valued at up to Dh7,600 on the Passat, Dh8,300 on the Tiguan and Dh18,000 on the Touareg.

They also include a five-year warranty, three-year service package, three-year roadside assistance, one-year insurance and free car registration, while each car will also receive a free ProTech PT 100 protective shield.

Valid until: Stocks last

2020 Telluride


The deal: For customers planning to buy a Kia this Ramadan, Al Majid Motors is offering one-year free insurance and three-year/50,000km free service packages for the Kia Rio, Cerato, K5, Sportage, Sorento and Telluride models, while the Cadenza comes with one-year free insurance and up to five years/100,000km service package.

Other benefits include financing at 1.99 per cent, 120 days deferred payment and roadside assistance.

Valid until: April 30, 2021

2018 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus


The deal: Al Futtaim Trading Enterprises has a range of Ramadan deals on Dodge models, with monthly instalments starting from Dh1,739 for a Dodge Charger SXT with a 20 per cent down payment, Dh2,495 for a Dodge Challenger GT and Dh2,041 for a Dodge Durango. Other benefits include up to five-year/100,000km warranties, five-year/100,000km roadside assistance and free registration for the first year.

Valid until: End of Ramadan


The deal: The Ramadan campaign for Al Futtaim Lexus is focused on flexibility, giving car buyers payment options such as low-cost bank financing, leasing or direct cash. Customers are being offered zero per cent finance for three years with select banks, as well as a three-year/60,000km free service contract.

For budget-conscious buyers, pre-owned Lexus models are being offered at an interest rate of 1.99 per cent and carry a three-month payment deferment option, as well as a two-year/30,000km service contract, free window tinting, paint protection and a cash discount of up to Dh10,000.

Valid until: End of Ramadan


The deal: Al Masaood Automobiles is offering a number of perks for select Nissan models. Benefits include free insurance for one year, a one-year service package and five-year warranty with unlimited mileage. It is also offering payment support with down payment assistance and a four-month deferred payment option.

Valid until: End of Ramadan

BMW and Mini

The deal: Abu Dhabi Motors is offering a number of deals on BMW and Mini models, such as a 1.79 per cent finance rate, up to 20 per cent down payment assistance and free one-year insurance and registration. Customers will also benefit from a BMW service package that covers buyers for up to five years/100,000km and a repair package that is valid for up to five years/200,000km.

Mini buyers also receive a service inclusive package that covers them for up to three years/60,000km and a repair package for up to three years/200,000km. Customers will also receive BMW and Mini lifestyle boutique vouchers, as well as doorstep delivery of their new car that has been sanitised by detailing specialists.

Meanwhile, AGMC, the official importer of BMW and Mini brands for Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates, is offering buyers special finance options starting from zero per cent for three years and one-year free registration on selected models until the end of Eid Al Fitr. AGMC has also rolled out a new trade-in offer that applies to BMW X5, X6, X7 and the new BMW 4 Series Coupe models that will give buyers up to Dh20,000 towards the purchase of their new vehicle.

If you are in the market for a Mini, you will receive free registration and a zero per cent finance rate for three years with either a four-year service and repair package or one year’s free insurance.

Valid until: End of Ramadan (Abu Dhabi Motors) and end of Eid Al Fitr (AGMC)


The deal: Themed under "A great deal of good", Al Futtaim Trading Enterprises is focusing on safe and sustainable driving during its Volvo Ramadan campaign. Perks include convenient payment plans, down payment assistance of up to Dh20,000 and free service and extended warranty packages for its XC90, XC60 and SC40 models. It is also offering buyers of its Volvo hybrid SUV a free wall box charger.

Valid until: May 31, 20212


The deal: For car buyers looking for pre-owned vehicles, Al Masaood's AutoCentral is offering a number of benefits during the holy month. These include monthly payments starting from as low as Dh599, free insurance and registration on selected models, six months deferred payment options, down payment assistance and trade-ins.

Valid until: End of Ramadan